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OMG Totally Freaking Out Righ now..

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Totally Freaking out..

Never in my life, I ever thought about writing a series of books.. However HOLY CRANBERRIES..

That all Changed when I created Crystal Frost..


Just completed a time line of events in Crystal Frost story this story is long and really Big.. now i know what happens in each time period and the Ending is totally EPIC... 

I just completed five chapters to the book series.. And Blossom Flower, Crystal Frost Earth pony Mother is not even born yet. 

The time line is really well thought out  all organized and now that the Puzzle is complete the hardest part is over.. because the story about Crystal Frost is 100% complete it even has an Epic ending.. 

i do not want to spoil anything however the Ending is A total Freak out EPIC ending.

I started out with a tiny puddle of water, and it just burst into a massive  Epic Ocean. .

I love Poetry  I love to Illustrate.. Now I love writing stories.. 

here Is Chapter 1 for you to read... 


In the middle of the woods, Deep in the thick forest of Esquestria,  a small lumber Village, busled  with earth ponies. They tilled the land, turning trees into lumber, distributing, the wood, being used, to build the homes for the ponies, all across of Equestria

''where did he go this time'' carrying her saddle bag Dew Drop walks through the small village.

inside the village a small local grocery store, owned by MR and MRS. Shops,  sold a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A post office called, Pegasus Express, run by Stamp Wells, where flying ponies would come and go delivering parcels and mail to the locals

A small local paper called, News and Views. written, edited, photographed , by Flash dash the one and only reporter in the community..

A small school house nestled down by the brook, teaming with aquatic life, run my Miss Glass, where fillies and foal's would go to learn math, how to read, write, spell, and make friends.

looking past the the school house, walking by the tall thick trees, Dew Drop notices a cleared path, she turns to follow the path and disappears into the thick treed forest...


In a valley, stumps surrounding  the lumber yard , timber stacked in piles.   The pony wood cutting crew, tired from cutting down trees all morning,  were sitting down to a much deserved lunch break.  Munch Munch Crunch chatting up a storm.

Timber ''anyone going to the family picnic the community is having this weekend.?''

Tree Cutter, looking nervously at his wind up watch, trying hard to keep track of time''  Can't my wife's mother in law is coming over to see the twins,  that reminds me I have to pick her after work, the stage coach is expected to arrive later today.''

Tall Trees,'' Not this time, I promised the kids I would help them with building a tree house, on the Big Oak Tree in our back yard.''

Roots, ''my Wife is due to have our 5th baby soon, she is quite cranky and craving all kinds of weird foods, last night she sent me  to the shop, to pick up apples and bean bread, they do not even sell apple bean bread.. why can't she crave something normal.''

Splash '' My wife been nagging me to take her to the city lately, last time we went, she went on some crazy shopping spree, thank goodness the kids came, kept her preoccupied,  and I finally did not come home broke. ''

Timber,'' Just bring the kids again.. ''

Splash '' She wants to leave them with he sister Sweet Shine. this time''

snoring sounds interrupted the conversation, the stations looked over at the direction of the sound, Timber gets up and walks near Stomper, napping on the ground face in his bowl of oatmeal.

Timber,'' Stomper.''

Stomper... snore

Timber a little louder ''Stomper''

Stomper... snore.

Timber, Getting annoyed, ''STOMPER !''

Freaked out, stomper quickly lifts his head, oatmeal dripping from the side of his face,  ''don't cry daddy's here'' he said is a panic sleepy voice, letting out a big yawn..  looking up, ''oh its you guys.'' yawning tiredly..

Timber '' you got oatmeal on your face again''

Stomper letting out a sleepy yawn  ''that is nice,'' lifting his hoof, wiping the oatmeal off his face, licking his hoof.''

''So are you coming to the family picnic this weekend'' Timber asked curiously.

Stomper "too tired, Rock Climber had us up all night crying'' yawns as he takes another lick of oatmeal, '' we tried giving him his milk, changing his diaper, and a bath, and he still kept crying.''

Timber ''How about you Forest,'' the ponies stopped eating, feeling aquard by the question.


Dew Drop, appears out of the path with her saddle bag on her back, entering the lumber sight, the cool breeze blowing the smell of fresh cut trees, she sees Forest  and walks towards him.

Dew Drop ''Hello Dear,'' reaching to her saddle bag open the flap dipping her hoof into the bag she pulls out a paper bag. ''You forgot your lunch.again ''

Forest,'' sorry about that,  I will try to remember next time.''

they both nuzzle each other, then Dew Drop heads back towards to the path and disappears into the woods..

Taking out his daisy sandwich, muffin, and a canteen of lemonade, a note falls to the ground ..Forest stoops down to pick it up with his hoofs, he read the note

 I have something to tell you..


i know I'm weak at spelling and my grammar is horrid... however I'm not going to let that stop me. 

I have a wild imagination, my spouse  calls me crazy, says its a waste of Time.. His idea of fun is looking at rocks,  yawn  :P

at least story telling is way more fun.. ;)

now that the core is complete, now the fun part Writing all the chapters in detail :D

Plus doodling all the characters in the story..

Once I give them a heart and a soul I will make my next move, considering a hand full of characters .are owned by Hasbro., I will make my pitch to them first about the Story of Crystal Frost...

I also plan  to join  Oatley Academy

Hopefully they can help me into making Crystal Frost Story a reality to read and or view on the big screen...

yes I have that much faith in my story...

I feel like Twilight    ''I'M JUST SO EXCITED''

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Moving to Written Fan Works. :)

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