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Loyal Defender

Private The Alicorn's Ailment

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This story tells of young Loyal Defender, who soon realizes how swiftly his life will change.


Many ponies' lives start out happy. They start out wonderful and beautiful.Others' lives, though....they don't become as happy as any one pony's life would. Sometimes they sit and wonder about how friendships would even form. They wonder if they would be happy in life. Well...this story is all about how meeting one pony turned my life completely around. the story of my first and best friendships I'd ever gotten to know in my entire life.


It started out fine one day, when I was just strolling through Ponyville. I had just moved in. I hardly knew anypony, though, as I felt nervous about meeting anyone. Some gave me strange looks. Others simply moved on with their day....but little had I known, there was yet another Alicorn in the vicinity. One more....understanding. I wound up almost running into her in the Baron Burger, a supposed common restaurant. I didn't know such a place had existed. By coincidence, I sat on one booth, and she sat in the one behind me. She couldn't help but wonder what another Alicorn was doing she spoke to me.

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