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ok so here's the thing. I got a reservation booked at the Hyatt (aka where the conventions is) starting on the March 29th and valid until the morning of April 2nd.

The room has 2 queen beds

My rates are a flat $150 per pony.  A little about me. I have been to BABS con from the beginning. 1 year I was part of the gophers (a branch of staff/attendee that puts in work time for the con and such). The next year I joined as full fledged staff member working for table top gaming. ...this year I'm lso on Staff s @nd in command of Tabletop. (a glorified title I don't think I'm 100% worthy of but that beside the point)  ... why does this matter? It is important that I let you know that I am dedicated to this convention and love it!!!


I want to host a room that is a friendly environment for all my ponies (aka roomies). If you still need crash space contact me and I will tell you more.

I hope to hear from you and even if I don't  hope your con is an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!




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I'd like to buy in for Friday to Saturday night. Sunday night I will spend in the bus depot area waiting for the Megabus rather than stay another night then run a huge taxi fare.


Contact me on Twitter (best) or here. 


Email is selfiefur@yandex.RU 

And no, I will not be there take selfies, that is exclusively to the Selfie Pony. I have gifts for guests.

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Taski here. I'm interested in Friday to Saturday night. Been to many cons and I never lose my keys. Really hoping to catch the hooves line pannel.

you can contact me here anthonyslibrero(at)gmail.com or even note me on FA (furseiseki)

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