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Possible meta answers for the movie


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Does anyone eles think there will be an episode explaining why the mane 6 didn't recruit the dragon and changeling armies to fight the Storm King, it was a common complaint or error. I feel School Daze could easily answer it with simple answers 

"Dragons may listen to Ember but they still don't respect Her enough to put their lives on the line for a species they have hated for thousands of years." 

"Changelings, while getting better, still lack the courage and such to fight for other species. "

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The problem, in the movie, is that they didnt even try or think about it, if they did even thought about that for a moment then someone just gave some similar answers like you did, it wouldnt be that messy. This movie just feel disconnected to the series. They called this movie a sequel to S7 without good logics to back up. The changeling kingdom may not help but Thorax will, he will help just for Spike demand only, the same with Ember, she is friend with ponies, even without her army, Ember and her father will bring any Storm King airship to the ground. Thorax can be sneaky and Ember has brutal strength, the fight will end sooner than you thought. Even the mane 5 can go through the battalion of enemy with some few pirates, a cat and ONLY one hippogriff of their kind. Should i mention Yaks? Yaks sure love Pinkie Pie, Pinkie and her friend helped them and Prince Rutherford will remember this. Griffins will never help but Gilda will do anything to help Rainbow Dash, Gabby can come too, at least she can be a comic relief, CMCs are being capture afterall and she is a CMC too. Every race that ponies had meet and become friends with through out season 5 to season 7, just to shove aside for a quest of seeking random Mac Guffin in a very far away and unfamiliar land. Ponies already had best Mac Guffin named Elements of Harmony and many well-known and competent friends.

I will not include some exceptional invididuals like Discord, Starswirl, Starlight, Maud because these characters are spotlight stealers, this movie is about Mane 6 afterall.

It takes more than few dialogues to explain this mess. Different writers writting in different times, that why they dont match with each other. Now season 8 will fix this mess or just outright ignore it, i would be happy if they can fix it but i decided to ignore the movie for now.


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