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Welcome to my first professional shop with my drawings.
This is my price list :)

Purchase here!

And my website:

I'm taking commissions for:
-anime manga
-and other

(please send me a note with your idea)



5.jpg.a96fe207b01d78d5b148c7c499550aa3.jpg6.jpg.19003de8912a82b842405ab556b5fd6b.jpg7.jpg.04cc0e3f7691a1eb279804ed909e57ad.jpg8.jpg.4cac8e6e9a3ee693383dad5be9be82bf.jpg10.jpg.d878cb1ef6cbbf6ccf33f3bc1fde888b.jpg12.jpg.41788dfb8dc056661a26470ac3082d78.jpg11.jpg.5fe35bd6a926a6eb0c0bec5fa53428fc.jpgBez nazwy-3 kopia.jpg13.JPG.babf5819c5428140f95b843591c46e87.JPG


I will start taking comission as soon as I get my own escrow and shop :)



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3 sketches at the beginning. Of course, I make drawings according to descriptions. But if you do not have an idea for a composition, I will be happy to help you.

szkice forum mlp.png

The image was created in cooperation with my wonderful friends. Vitaj and Ruhisu. COMMISSION for Omega ;)


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I'd like to commission you to draw my character if you feel you can draw a changeling unlike one you've probably seen before. I know there are a lot of artists that don't want to do changelings. Please get back to me :D

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