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Starburst Rainbow

Humor Star & Button Mash's Gaming Adventure

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CHAPTER 1: The Gaming War Begins!


Yeah, pretty much a little scenario if my OC and Button Mash were in a little competition too see who would win the most out of the games, and even though it'll be a system made by Nintendo in a pony world, what sense will it make, right? Let's start.


Wii Console & Wii Party (c) Nintendo

Starburst Rainbow (c) Me

Button Mash (c) Hasbro


One fine Saturday morning in Ponyville Starburst Rainbow, or Star for short just got his hooves on the new trending gaming system of the Nintendo Wii along with a Copy of a video-game called Wii Party, and he said too himself as he passed by the arcade seeing Button Mash inside with a crowd of ponies watching him. It seems like he was about too break a Highscore made by someone who had some gaming experience. This put a slight smirk on Star's face as he wanted too try and make it so he doesn't set the high score. He entered through the arcade with the Wii console still in his bag as he whistles innocently, but no one seems to pay attention. He goes around the back too the outlet of the game Button is playing, and waits patiently. At least 10 - 15 minutes later Star looks back too see that Button is close too beating said highscore. He played it cool then "acted" like he was about too trip over, and "accidentally" unplugged the game from the outlet causing the screen to go pitch black with a gasp from the crowd of ponies, and Button just left speechless and in shock. "Oh dear... clumsy me. I should be more careful where I walk, I'm so sorry Button... all that hard work... put too waste..." Star approached him trying too act all sad and apologetic around him as the crowd of ponies moved away from the two slowly but quickly. Button sighed, and turned the chair over looking at Star slowly shedding tears down his eyes "How could you? I was this close from beating the highscore, and your clumsiness made me miss it! You better have a way of making it up too me." He said as Star nodded handing him a handkerchief "I do, I just got this amazing new game console and was wondering if you would wanna test out this bad boy with me. It might not have any highscores on the games that it has, but it's all about the fun, right?" Button apparently stopped crying, then smiled and nodded looking back up at Star. "Yeah, I guess your right, besides I pretty much made all the high-scored in this arcade, and this was the last game I was gonna try and beat my old highscore on" he then shrugged "Oh well, there's always next time. Let's head on over to your place and see what that console of yours can do" he said as he hopped down from the chair and walking beside Star as Star nodded with a smile "Trust me, this will be WAY better than some silly old arcade game, that's for sure. ow!" he aid as Button gave him a light tap on his side with his hoof. "We'll see, we'll see"


Next time on Star & Button's Gaming Adventure:

Star vs. Button - Wii Party Round 1!

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