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So to those who may or may not know, EQD put up a call for perspective to remind commentors that their criticisms are read by the show's creators and that the comments/criticisms have been rude, ridiculous, and flat out disrespectful lately (apparently the Mare-Do-Well episode made a ton of people rage).


If you read that post, what do you think?


I didn't read the comments on that episode, but if there were a ton of rude comments, I'm disappointed in the community. It's not the creators' jobs to placate us, the "brony" demographic. The fact that they're throwing in little nibblets and subtle jokes based on our own fanon creations should be satisfactory enough that they consider us an important audience. They originally didn't ask for us to become as large of an audience as we've become. This show was originally for plugging toys and for entertaining little girls.


Criticisms for an episode is okay as long as it's constructive and not over-the-top ridiculously demanding. Everyone has opinions and are allowed to share those opinions but it's the tone and how they're presented that is crucial. Yes, the creators are adult, mature, and professional and should be able to handle criticisms, and that their view of the community as a whole shouldn't be diminished by the jeers of the vocal minority (as every fan base has). However, it stings when something you worked very hard on and spent tons of time and energy on gets dragged through the mud by rude people who have no knowledge of the business and don't realize how much goes into a production.


I appreciate everything the creators have done for this show and it would really suck to lose that creator-audience relationship there is with the writers and EqD among other sites. I think it's really cool that the creators are active in the community and like to witness first-hand how people are receiving their work. You don't see that with other shows, thus making MLP even more special from a production standpoint.


Anyways, what did you take from all of that?

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