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Dancing, Smiling, Laughing, Moving

My feet to the beat of my heart.

Unaware of the pain in my chest

Called Reality

Was hitting me hard





Turning, Spinning, Flipping, Circling

As the outdoors I was in

Became smaller and smaller

My beautiful dress turned to ash

And they'd store it away in a dusty old closet

Heaven knows what I'd just lost

I was a stranger to myself

my life, It was forgotten


and all my thoughts were contaminated

by the cruel world that is to exist

i kept holding my breath

to keep the toxins from coming in

i was a stranger to myself

my rhythm, it was forgotten


i wanted to go back

back to my naive self

but it's better to leap forward

than to tumble back and fall


after all, it was when I learned to breathe again

That the key to my life was uncovered

I liked it better when I was dancing

Until I learned to sing

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Huh, how come I just now find these recent poems of yours? :P I really liked this one and how it's constructed, how it works both as a one single story and also as four separate ones.



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