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Welcome to my super awesome totally PINKIE-TASTIC "Ask a Pony" topic! I know I've already got a couple here in the forums, but I figured I'd make one for all of my amazing sisters and I! So, if you've got any burning questions for one of us, feel free to ask them. *squee* ycE6ZQNO_400x400.jpg.78b54b44d63626dc7e10ae608a25e189.jpg

What Pinkie said. 520cfb90688d918c2fad31f16ec308ab8ce74b05_128.jpg.8af27d1cb901d2bb4459651d5a227032.jpg

Mmhm. cjcq-1445743178-209142-128.jpg.3e1ded561761b86e700037335b0e7926.jpg

DON'T TOUCH HOLD--oh wait, hi, everypony. I'm a bit busy here on the rock farm, but I'll try to answer questions when I can. c3415f04cc4da6c1055ac2d63d8b58b1c2fd57f4_128.jpg.441dc2847d31ecc5a88ed46163c4f174.jpg

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