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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right spot to ask for help in finding a sound effect, but I might as well try and if someone informs me about this that'll be helpful for the future.

Anyway, There is a certain Sound Effect I've been trying really hard to find to use in a Comic Dub. The Sound in question, is the sound that plays when the Changelings transform to and from their disguise.

With that said, do help me out.

On another note, Could someone point me in the direction to where I can make requests for Voice Actors or Actresses? It could be a spot on these forums or another site entirely, as long as it isn't CastingCallClub, I tried there with little results.

Update: The issue with the sound effect is resolved now.

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@Sarius Trusdale

Allow me to refer you to Trixie's Tricks (Other Resources) for your voice acting needs. Along with that, I will alter the title of your thread so it will receive the proper attention.

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Thanks. I appreciate it, my friend. I'm just glad someone came around and helped.

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