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I started a thread on this before, but that was just to say I was stuck. But now that I've gotten the gumption to start this hack again, I figured I would start this anew.

I am making a pony hack of Final Fantasy 1! It works out, because there are six main characters in the show, and six classes in game!

I have a bunch of ideas that I would love to start working on, but the biggest issue I'm going to have is sprites, and I would love your help with that.

I'm going to devote an entire section to ideas I have about who goes where, and I'm going to have a section about sprites,.


If you don't know what the story of Final Fantasy 1 is:

The four orbs/crystals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, have lost their light, and the four light warriors have come to fix that. They discover that the four fiends have taken control of the elements. Their first mission is to rescue the princess from Garland, a knight who went bad. Once they get the orbs back,They head back to the temple where they found Garland, use the orbs to travel to 2000 years back, where they find that Garland is the one who set the fiends, the fiends send him back, creating a loop. Garland uses the four powers to become Chaos, the final boss, who gets defeated.

For the pony version, it's going to be the powers of four of the Elements of Harmony, but it won't be specific which ones, since the player picks the characters, and the four fiends are Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. However, the Element of Magic has been stolen too... 

I will post role ideas and town ideas and such soon, but first I just want to make the thread and get interest.

The main thing though, is that  for Garland, I wanted to pick Sunset Shimmer, particularly pre reform. They both became bad guys who turned on the kingdom. in the final fight, Shimmer would use the Element of Magic to become her powerful form like in Equestria Girls, just a pony version.

Is anyone a good spriter and would like to help? I feel like seeing a good sprite is just the inspiration and motivation I could use to keep working at this.

The sprite rules for the NES aren't too complicated. In general, the rule is, Four colors per sprite. three colors are used, and one transparency.


For example, I wanted the Garland sprite to be Shimmer, and this is the one I seemed to like the most. The sprite would be 32x32. I could try to do it, but  I don't know how well I would do.

this sprite is only used once with no recolors, but most of the other sprites do that.

Does anyone here have skill with sprite making? Some of them would be easier to do since I could find vectors to base from, but some would be more unique and more difficult.

There are a lot of ideas I have, and I would love to discuss them with you in another post soon. Thanks!


Here is a sample screenshot of what I started to work on years ago. Notice the TWO thrones?

(Would this go in Trixie's Tricks since it's asking for help,  or since this is a game thread, it's fine in this board?)

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With the show ending now, I felt compelled to resume working on this.

I have a bunch more small things done, things that  aren't focused on graphics. I will need help with that later. But in the meantime, I'll show you some screens!


First of all, I replaced the font! I tried picking a fantasy looking font that wasn't too hard to read. I found one, this is edited from the arcade game Kirameki Star Road. This isn't too complex, right?

Here's some text samples.




With the right edits I found, you can reshape the battle screensand make longer names for characters, enemies, or spells! You could only have four characters before.

Included is one of the only graphic edits I've made, and basing that off of the Pony Fantasy 6 sprite.


Niightmare Moon is going to be one of the four fiends.

I'm going to be reworking the stats as well. The fighter in FF1 is way stronger than the others, even though they have their own good stats.

I want to bring the stats of the classes closer to the fighter without all being the same so you can pick anypony you want to. (But the boss HP will be higher too...!)

This is really all I have so far. To get farther I would love sprite help.

I have a bunch of ideas, but suggestions won't hurt.

What do you think about this so far?

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On 10/19/2019 at 1:12 PM, Bas said:


I guess psx or gba would have more pretty graphics. I don't know how hackable these are.

I personally feel the font isn't verybcisually appealing.

I think I once read about a ff1mlp hack - was that yours or another one?

Hmm... for the font I was looking for something fantasy-like without being too elaborate or illegible with so few pixels.. I guess I can look again.

I've thought about the other two versions but I don't believe there's much in the way of programs that edit those. FF1 for NES is the one I know the most about, and has an extensive editing program to it.

And I honestly don't know of any other FF1 edits being mentioned.

I looked for some fonts I could useinstead, something with a fantasy look, but one that's stuck out to me is this one it seems to be brand new, too.


I think I might start using this one!

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I'm really liking this new font. The other one had letters that were sort of tough to read, but this one feels better.

It keeps the fantasy feel too.


I wanted to sidetrack about something...

There are two enemies in the game, the EYE and the PHANTOM, which both share the same sprite with different palettes, which many enemies do in the game.


If I change one, I change the other too. These two enemies only appear once as bosses. The EYE is in the Ice Cave guarding an item, and the PHANTOM is in the final dungeon.

I was thinking, since the EYE is in the Ice Cave, I could make it into a Windigo. But this would mean there would have to be a second monster that looks like a Windigo. I might have to make things of my own. I'm thinking of calling it  the "Hell Horse", or something, which I know doesn't sound MLP-like, but it would have to be a Windigo variant.


The only weird question is, if I'm making MLP themed enemies, what happens with the MADPONY? o_O

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OOH MAN, I LOVE FINAL FANTASY 1. I still have it on my phone, and actively play it on a GBA emulator when I'm not working on Maradice Isle. That game rocks, whether it's on the Nintendo Entertainment System ( even if it is a little dated ), PlayStation 1, GameBoy Advance, or whatever. In fact, it was one of the inspirations for Maradice Isle ( along with Golden Sun and Wizard101, which is especially notable since it borrows elements from those games ).


Honestly, I would be super excited to play such a game and see how it goes. It might be a lot of fun... as long as it's not using the character development system from Final Fantasy 2. I still frown upon that system for how much it slowed that game to a crawl.

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Hey, cool that you're interested.
It's going to be the same as the NES FF1, except with bug fixes people have coded, grahpic changes, and some gameplay changes.

In particular, only Rarity and Twilight can use magic, so I merged all the spells that Red Mage can use into those two. So that means Rarity and Twilight can use both white and black, but Rarity can use the higher level white, and Twilight can use the higher level black.

In the orignal game, the Fighter is the only one who can use most of the best armor. Here, everypony can use most of the armor, but earth ponies can only use the best ones. Though pegasi and unicorns have their own things. And armor worn by the Pillars will be secret armor to be worn by the individual ponies they parallel. 
I'm going to tweak the stat growth for everypony to be a little closer to one another, so players can use who they want, and it will be a little easier. (But I'm going to increase boss HP too...)

Anyway I have another possible sprite done.

I have to find good creatures to use for the monsters in the game. In the normal game, there is a river monster called a Caribe or Piranha..
When I saw the Biteacuda from Non Compete Clause, I knew that would be a good fit. I got around to making its sprite today, I took the Biteacuda image and shrunk it to 32 pixels long, and used three colors to make this.


Is this ok you think?

Later I'm going to have a story question that I'd like some input on.

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Let's talk armor. This is one I've put a lot of thought into.

In Final Fantasy 1, armor comes in four types: Body, Shield, Helmet, and Gauntlet. The problem is that most of the best armor can only be worn by Knights and sometimes Ninjas. For the pony hack, I wanted to have the ponies be able to use more than the classes in FF1, but like the main game only a couple of classes can equip the absolute best armor. In the pony game, it will be the Earth ponies, with Dash possibly as well, cause they are the toughest. Pegasi and Unicorns, though, will have real good armor of their own.

For the pony game, I'm going to keep Body, Shield, and helmet, but I'm going to replace the Gauntlet with something else. For humans, gauntlets are placed on the arm, but that may not be the most ideal for ponies. Plus, shields are held by the hand as well, so I'm thinking of something else for the Gauntlet for pony use, like a necklace or leg guard.
Though, as I was thinking about it, Flash Magnus actually DOES have a sort of a pony gauntlet AND uses a shield..

In the regular game, armor that is worn on the body include Mail, Bracelets, and two Robes. Only a couple of classes can wear most of the mail, but Bracelets can be used by anyone.
In the pony game, I'm going to turn all the Bracelets into Robes and make it a unicorn armor so that unicorns can have armor of their own.
But what about pegasi? I feel like they can use most of the good armor, but I'm going to turn an existing armor into specialized pegasus armor, one that's the best armor for them. See, you can't add armor to the game, at least not easily with the code and my skill level, but I can edit something else. I'm either going to name it the Zephyr or Nimbus armor.

Additionally, I've added secret armor worn by the Pillars, equipable by the pony they parallel. For example, Dash can wear the Netitus sheild! So what I did was edit the Cloth, Gloves, Cap, and Buckler, the most basic and least useful armors, into Rockhoof's Helmet, the Netitus, Somnambula's bracelet, and Meadowbrook's mask, with their own good stats and attribtues. There are two robes in the game, the White and Black robes, which are just going to be renamed into the Mistmane and Starswirl cloaks.

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I saw the comment, and I've actually seen snippets of videos of it before years ago. It's quite cool sounding. However, I don't know how much I could borrow from the game itself music or graphics wise, since I'm actually editing Final Fantasy 1's code itself, I have to constrain within the NES's limits and how much space there is. If there's a music I like, which I'm hearing what the music is in that game, I could try to add it in the NES game itself, but I have yet to know how the music system works in the game, since it's all hex and is not as easy as plunking in a mp3.

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I'm working on this hack again, and there's some story things I want to figure out.

I really tried hard to not include any OCs in this game, but there is a scenario which could really use to have one fit in.

First, I want to explain how the original game plays out.


The heroes reach the Elf Kingdom, where the Elf Prince has fallen under a sleeping spell. They say it was the work of the Dark Elf, Astos. Meanwhile, in a castle to the northwest, a mysterious king wants the Crown from a nearby dungeon. Once you get it and return to him, he is shown to be Astos! And he wants that Crown for power! But the party defeats him. When they do, they get the Crystal, which is traded to the witch Matoya, and you receive an Herb which is used to wake the Elf Prince, who gives the next item to progress further.


So here's where I'm at. In this game, I've turned the Elves into the Griffons. The Crown that's desired is going to be the Idol of Boreas, the dungeon will be the Abyssmal Abyss, and the disguised mysterious King is going to be King Guto, long since missing. The witch who gives the herb is going to be Zecora.

The Griffon Prince,however, I'm thinking of making someone original, someone new. I'm thinking of a Prince Geoffrey, someone to have the sleeping spell. He could be the son of the missing Guto.

As for who will be Astos?.... I have no idea. Going with the story from the show, it would seem that he could be made the Arumaspi, but I don't think that would fit. Maybe it could be someone new, trying to claim the Idol for himself. If so, who would want that?


I can edit the Astos sprite, but it's used by two other regular enemies using a different palette.

What would be a boss that would fit, but have its sprite usable with other enemies? If I made him a griffin, the other two enemies would have to be griffins too. So maybe a generic sort of beat would do.

This is where I'm at with the game.

Other things I'm doing, I'm editing some tiles and such for the scenery to give them a nice makeover, using tilesets from other NES or GBC games. A big thing I have to do is stat editing for the party members. The Fighter is easily the best and strongest fighter, well ahead of the other classes, but I want to bring the others somewhat closer than they already are. I'm actually making graphs of stat growth to figure out what would be the best ideas.

Anyway, anyone have any input?

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12 hours ago, You said:

What about Sombra-fying him?

So I was thinking about what you meant by this, cause I was going to have Sombra himself as one of the Four Fiends, the four primary bosses of the game.

All day I was wondering, I was having all these ideas about how I could maybe tie it into Sombra, think of what I could do with the game, how it would all go, thinking of ideas...

then it hit me. It's so obvious. An idea smacked me right in the face.

Who impersonates others? Who disguises as others?



It works too well!

I can turn Astos into a regular changeling! HE would want the Idol of Boreas because maybe Chrysalis is looking for it too. (And she is one of the four fiends.) Plus, this solves the sprite problem.


Three enemies in the game use the same sprite, but with a different pallete, so editing one would affect the other two, and that was the other big problem that I had. There's Astos, the Mage, and the Fighter. I can just make them different styles of changelings! Like the "Mageling" and the "Warriorling." or something

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