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S08:E11 - Molt Down

Will Guide

The Molt Down  

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  1. 1. What did you think of the episode?

    • This episode stinks worse than the Molt Smell (HATE IT!)
    • This episode makes me break out in itchy red spots. (Dislike it)
    • This episode was OKAY! Sorry, volume shifts (Meh)
    • This episode adds a splash of color to my day (Like it)
    • Like Spike can now, this episode SOARS! (LOVE IT!)

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Just now, Truffles said:

Okay, I'm ready! Let's kick this thing off!


Me too. I've written my responses in Acts.

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Peewee!? That an unexpected callback! :D

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Opening Act Thoughts:

First of all, nice callback to the Shampoo episode, Rarity.

Wow! Look at how much Peewee has grown since he saw him as a newborn phoenix in S2’s Dragon Quest. Reminds me of another pet that’s grown up from S4’s Filli Vanilli and S7’s Forever Filly: Zippowhirl’s dog Ripley. Such a significant amount of time has passed over these seasons. And to think the young dragon that spared the fire bird’s life has been keeping in contact with all this time apparently offscreen. It’s such a relief. Although, Peewee leaving his parents’ nest and simply moving into a nest next tree over doesn’t seem like actual “leaving the nest” How amusing!

I believe this is the first time we’ve been in Spike’s room since S5’s “Make New Friends, but Keep Discord” when the Draconequus was looking for Twilight.

Some people who saw the official storyboard sneak peek the past few days pointed out Spike screams like Link. Yeah, I can kinda hear it.

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Just now, PoisonClaw said:


Phoenixes aren't meant to be domesticated, huh? Tell that to Celestia.

Exactly my thought when that line came up. I said "Um, Philomena says hi."

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Act 1
Twilight: I used to get terrible breakouts every time I had a final exam with Celestia, who probably never had a blemish her whole life!
Me: Don’t know whether to laugh or call that an OOC moment.

So, Spike had two fire burps so far: 1. Burning Twilight’s Lecture and 2. A case of indigestion. I’ll keep score.

Gee, I really someone could actually make an episode that focuses on touring the school. Could potential make some fanfiction writers happy.

Okay, now he’s suffering from Voice Shifts and can be misheard. 1. “I don’t know!” (Fireworks show?) I’m not going to count his screaming in the library since it’s throughout the whole scene.

Fire Burp 3: Burning his disguise off. Fire Burp 4: Alerts Smolder to his hiding place. Voice Shift 2: “Leave me alone” (Sleeve me to Foam?) Fire Burp 5: Bye bye, brooms! Whew!

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It is also always good to see Zecora again. <3

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Act 2:

Oh, boy a lot of stuff to note happened in the closet. But I’ll see if I can point them all out.

The Author threw a saving throw here: Spike’s Big episode from Season 2 (Secret of My Excess) was NOT the natural way for a dragon to grow.

First of all, let’s hope Smolder’s brother isn’t Garble. The fanbase’s rage would likely sting for a while.

Second, this was written on the YMMV page for the episode on TV Tropes for quite some time.


Epileptic Tree: An early one thanks to the too early synopsis. Is Parental Abandonment really what happens to every molting dragon? Or is Smolder (a known Jerk with a Heart of Gold) just Trolling Spike? Or is it possible that molting dragons who stay indoors suffer health complications and her phrasing was just for the sake of Troll? If it really is abandonment, is it a choice that someone could opt out of if they want to, or are they physically and/or mentally forced?

During Smolder’s explanation, she mentioned ROCS. Like the giant birds of mythological stories that heroes had to face. Nice!

Voice Shift 3: “Twilight’s Kicking Me Out…..” (You know the rest)

Now I have to count how many times Someone smells Spike. Smeller 1: Spike himself after mention of such smells. Smeller 2. Smolder before Spike’s understandable fear of being kicked out. Smeller 3: Pinkie smells Brussel Sprouts covered in Cotton Candy Smell.

Almost right after switching to Zecora’s place, Smeller 4: Zecora, need to clothespin her muzzle. Voice Shift 4: “This is EMBARASSING” (Teaching asparagus to sing? Sounds like something Discord would make) followed by Fire Burp 6: Lighting the Cauldron. (at least it has a purpose that time)

Rarity lost her hearing because of phoenix’s feathers? Honestly, this is the only issue I have with the episode. It seems contrived like the Dragon Sneeze Trees in S5’s “Princess Spike”. Although on the upside I guess, I relate to Rarity chatting with herself to think.

Oh, and Smeller #5 is Rarity. And I hope this is Spike’s final Voice Shift: “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!”

Last thought on Act 2: Spike’s hiding pose under that mask is cute.

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Act 3:

Whoa! I’ve never seen Zecora this scared before/ I just hope I don’t have to keep score.

Is Spike glowing red? I’m not sure whether to say cool or be genuinely worried.

So, that’s why they made Rarity temporarily deaf: She’d be unable to hear a Roc about to swoop in and grabbed her. Geez. Rarity is the 2nd unluckiest one in this episode after Spike. Hang in there you two.

Rarity’s “What” reaction to Zecora is kinda like mine. Only My “What?” is more “that’s a weird rhyme to say” than “What did you say?”

Fire Burp 7: Roc drops him

Whoa, I take what I said back. Spike’s lucky to have bounced off those tree branches and get a nice long back scratch down a tree trunk!

Rarity’s one step ahead of you with the scales cream, Twi. And what do you know, Twilight’s the only one who didn’t smell the molt! I see that as a good thing. And go, Twi, go! Go give that overgrown Chicken what for!

Next Post will be Post-game changer.

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Ok, ok ... I'm fine. That ... omg ... YES




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After finding out the major event that happened in this episode due to leaks


that being Spike getting wings

despite not watching it before today, I was curious to see how Molt Down would play out.  Over all I have to say that it ended up being a enjoyable episode.  As someone who likes continuity, I appreciated seeing Pewee again, as well as Rarity referencing It Isn't the Mane Thing About You and Spike referring to Secret of My Excess.  Twilight saying that Celestia probably never had a blemish in your life was pretty funny, so was Rarity mentioning that getting captured by the Roc wasn't the first time she had to deal with getting captured by giant creatures (Secret of My Excess Reference), and there were some nice action sequences with Twilight and Spike vs the Roc.

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2 minutes ago, Im_not_crazy_im_just said:

Characters getting wings counter: 2



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Ending scenes:

(I admit until I watch one version of this with music, I can’t tell whether it would have been better with music but…)

Insert your Level up music here as Spike goes through something Thorax had experienced. ;)

OH YEAH! That look on his face after that happened is my look too

Still, nice that they make him slip up a few times with them.

Final Fire Burp: I’ll have the Giant Roasted Chicken to go!

A still-deaf Rarity repeat Zecora’s congratulations.

My favorite dialog in the whole episode:

Spike: The molt is when Dragons get older and start to change. I wish I could stop it, but I can’t. I should go.

Twilight: Go? What are you talking about?

Spike: In the Dragon Lands, Families make molters leave home. It’s called the Molt Effect.

Twilight: Well, this isn’t the Dragon Lands and Molt Effect or no, I don’t want you going anywhere. (I go :wub:)

Spike: But I’m growing up. What if something even worse happens.

Twilight: You’re supposed to grow up but you’ll always be you. And whatever happens, we’ll get through it together. (I wonder what will follow up to this game-changer)

And this was also written on that YMMV page on TvTropes in the last several weeks as well:



And then there’s whatever molting is. Is Spike finally going to mature past the baby/child dragon stage? Will he get bigger, maybe to the same height as Ember or Garble? Is he going to grow wings, like the ones seen on so many other dragons in the show?

My response: Debatable on the mature past Baby Stage; Maybe he'll grow bigger, but not right now; Oh HECK YES!


Gotta go to work soon, but before I do. I'll get the poll up!

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