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Everfree Northwest

More Amazing Vendors!

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t’s 37 days until Everfree Northwest 2018 and we’re back to show you more of the awesome vendors that will be selling their awesome items for you to buy! Check them out below!


Spazzy Arts:

I’m currently based in way too sunny SoCal. I am pretty friendly despite a grump aura that I seem to be producing. I enjoy character art, mainly pin ups although I would like to dabble in comics more. I like cute things and I like pretty girls so you will see a lot in my art. Personal preference I suppose!



Selling prints and misc. art pieces.


Ardail's Coffey shop:
I will have lots of prints for sale


Nytewell Art (formally Prints*esses):  

A fan of My Little Pony from a young age. I would draw ponies, other animals and princesses all throughout elementary school up into my current art collections. I have an art background winning many awards from childhood art shows, quick draw contest, and photo contest. I pursued my passion for art, illustration and visual storytelling by obtaining a Bachelor in Fine Art with a focus on animation.


Kazzy's Plush Emporium:

Kazzy's Plush Emporium has been crafting for nearly 5 years. We strive to create adorable, cuddly friends for you to love forever. If you're looking for a plush to snuggle or a travel buddy, look no further!



My name is Kai and I am the creator behind the Cuddle Pal Plushies pose design and the owner of KLPlushies. :D Beside conventions, if anyone wants to get a plush from us they can visit our Etsy store "KLPlushies" where we are open for commissions throughout almost the whole year~



The creator of the plushies :)


Chris Gann:

We produce custom plush toys from design to delivery

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