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Requesting Art of Princess


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I've recently been working on a kingdom that lies beyond Equestria - the kingdom of Elrosa, The basic jist of it is that it's the land that Equestria left behind, inhabited by the ponies that didn't come with them for one reason or another. Their princess/ruler, Salvosia, is one major character I would really appreciate some art of. 

Name: Princess Salvosia
Species: Alicorn 
Gender: Female 

Physical Description: Salvosia is short for an alicorn, but average size for an Equestrian. Her fur is brilliant white, and her mane is a bright pink with orange highlights/tips. She typically wears it in a ponytail, and it does not flow like Celestia or Luna's. She's slim, for the most part, with battle scars dotting her body, including a quite noticeable one on her left cheek, sweeping diagonally to the base of her left eye. Her regal garb consists of armour crafted from the bones of the dragon she slew, including her crown, a full upper dragon skull adorned with scales. While she's slim, she's also fairly muscular, and toned.

Personality: Salvosia, as her name implies, is focused entirely on survival. She wants to unite the ponies (and half-ponies) of Elrosa into one nation, but she simply doesn't have the power to do so. She does not particularly like Equestria, as they essentially abandoned her and her ponies to the wild land of Elrosa - but she welcomes all ponies with open hooves, even if she's very slow to trust. 

History/Occupation: Currently the princess and ruler of Elrosa, the land that Equestrians left behind when they first colonized Equestria. The land is populated by primarily earth ponies and unicorns, as well as a cornucopia of 'forgotten' pony hybrids like lamias. When Salvosia was a younger unicorn, she grew quite adept at magic - to the point that she slew a dragon, or at least, struck the final blow against it with the help of her town. Elrosa is in disrepair and vastly unpopulated, with only pockets of civilization dotting the country. Salvosia was the one to take back the country's "capital" from monsters and bandits, leading the charge and instating herself as princess. As the crown was placed upon her head, she ascended to alicornhood.


Of course it's entirely up to the artist what they want to draw with her, and I give total artistic freedom. I would love a sort of reference sheet for her if possible though, but at this point any kind of picture will do for sure - and I'll be super grateful if you choose to take it on. 

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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