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Creating ponies for SFM (Closed for now (Finales and vacations))

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You can still post your OC and I'll do them later, expect long delays.


Hi! I'm creating OCs on SFM!


The process can be tricky sometimes, but I'll not accept hard manes/tails or very hard stuff, the limit is on the source files I have and my own limitations.

Requirements :

-A picture of your OC

-Your cutie mark (I can make the background transparent, don't worry)

-The pose you want (only if you want)

-The background you want, include transparent background. (still limited on the map I have and still searching for a forest map)

List of tails and manes (the uncolored ones are not tested, pretty sure I can not texture them, I'll see what I can do) :


Pony Mane and Tail chart (update3)


If your mane/tail isn't in this list, I'm sorry, I can't do it, I can't create manes and tails

Example of my work :


Left : Red Winter (my friend) Right : Leroy (my OC, I don't have a name for now, so, I'll use my last name)


Pony made for Vaulty/Moira (Now know as Ally McBeal)


You can look below and other pages to see my work.

I can take anybody, as long as I'm not flooded by request (that never happen)

If I do not accept you, it's because I can't do that level of detail, or personal/software problem.

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Just now, Salty French Unicorn said:

Sadly, I can't. and I haven't saw the base body of a changeling in SFM or even Blender.

That's okay. Can you still do my Unicorn OC? He wears a blue vest and glasses.

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10 minutes ago, Salty French Unicorn said:

@Mickey Adaptus I can do it, I'll see about the bat eyes, and I must have the bat ears somewhere...

@SwitchGuy2018 I'll do it, for the glass and the vest, I'll see what I can do.

Slot 3 and 4 has been taken!

Well, I hope I can get the last slot.

Here's Unicorn Will Guide's main picture. 

And here's a close up of his Cutie Mark



For his Mane and Tail, You can use Caramel's since it's the closest to his Mane color.

As for his pose, could you have him reading a book like this?

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Hello there. Is there still a slot available for my request? If not then I'll completely understand.

If yes, would you mind if you can please create my OC in SFM? I saw your work and you've got great potential.

If possible, I would like my character in a a normal pose, showing a hearty smile as if he has a bright personality.

My OC is in my profile icon but here's my drawing (and his Cutie Mark) for better reference:


Photon Jet No Suit.png


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5 minutes ago, Salty French Unicorn said:

@SwitchGuy2018 I've finally did done do'd it! the posing was a huge pain, the legs were always buggy, BUT! ... The result kinda the same...

EDIT: If you want, I'll make an update, the time I found glasses and a blue vest.


Oh my gosh, it's great!

Sure, if you can add glasses and a blue vest, that would be a nice bonus.

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