Need a Place to Crash Pls

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So uh, I have my flight paid for and am going (arriving Wednesday night, so will have to find one for then too) but suddenly find myself out of luck on finding a room. All my friends' rooms are crammed totally full with no place to squeeze in and I'm either gonna have to desperately search or go back to the airport and sleep every night. I cannot afford to get my own room for just me, or a very expensive room share, so am trying to find a mostly full room (thus, an affordable split of the cost) that will allow me to crash in the corner of the floor at night to sleep, and shower. I am quiet and very clean and am fine with whatever you would want to do in the room, and will be out at the con all day so I won't be in anyone's way. I just need a place to sleep so I won't have to go back to the airport every night ;w; Thank you!

EDIT! Might have found a place for every night but Wednesday. Possibly. I really hope so because it's been a major source of stress not knowing if I have somewhere to sleep even!

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Just wondering if you actually found a room for Thurs-Sun or if you're still looking, because if whatever it is doesn't work out, I have some space available at the Hilton. If I can get 3 people, it'll only be $130 or since I found one other person, worst case $150.

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