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Where on Earth is Sunset Shimmer?


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Ok I'm sorry, I know I'm really late in asking, but I can't keep it in any longer. Every 99 Cents store I go to has lots of MLP pops that range from just about every mane 6, the wonderbolts, and even background ponies like Amethyst Star. I know these are pretty old, having been released in 2015, but for the longest stinkin' time, I've been looking for the Sunset Shimmer pop, with no success. Even on online ayuction sites like ebay have come up short.

I know she actually exists. I've seen YT videos with people opening her.

I just have no idea of where I can find her in the wild, or online. Help?


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No idea, other than Amazon, Toys r Us, Walmart, and Target; I don't look anywhere else for horses. You'd be hard pressed finding one of Sunny as a pony these days, as the oldest one I know of was of Cutie Mark Magic line back in S5 :huh:


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I got my Sunset Shimmer at Target for about $8.99, but that was about in 2013, so she may not be available anymore. So I agree you could look on Amazon or quite possibly eBay for a used one. Shame she got taken off the shelves though.:blush:

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