Request Wondering if somepony wants to draw my oc

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Just wondering if someone wants to draw my pirate oc  Captain Goldenmane

IMG_0431.thumb.JPG.f18d9a2ad2db7eec1ad78cd7b819cdab.JPGI don't have a cutie mark for her just yet but it's pretty much just a golden coin.

optional eyepatch,pirate hat

Anyways if your interested just lemme know. :)

Accidentally posted twice sorry


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I wouldn't mind giving Captain Goldenmane a try! It would have to be on paper and I would just take a picture of it and post it here (or send it to you), is that alright? If you were thinking more of a digital version I'm afraid I can't (and don't know how). Would you like her as in the drawing or in a different position? :)

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