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Hi! Welcome to the art requesting side of the GoG.

If youre wondering what this is all about, perhaps you should take a look at our main page! Itll give you the info you need.


We were initially founded to do something good with fandom artists. We would get artists to make a gift for someone in need, and give it to them in the hopes of cheering them up. If you feel someone in your life might need this little boost of happiness(be it from health issues or life troubles), youve come to the right place. 


You can put in a request using the form below:

Once thats done, a Sponsor will swing by and talk to you about it so we can learn more about the situation and how best to approach it. This then goes over to an artist (staff or volunteer) to be drawn. 


Youre welcome to use the thread below to discuss requests in general, but remember that you MUST use the form above to make a request. It will not be counted if you make the request in this thread. 


Thanks for your interest, and we hope you have a good day ahead!


Before you go, here are some FAQ's to help answer your questions:


Can I request for myself?

Thats not being kind to others. -w-


Can I request since my friend wants free art?

Sure. Here is one for you. Click the link. (


Is it free?

If the request is legitimate, yes. However, we do appreciate donations so others can have the same opportunity.


I enjoy drawing/contributing and feel this is a good cause, how can I help?

Please read the Volunteering thread for more information.


How is this funded?

We run purely off the generosity of people who believe in our project. Every cent and dollar counts, so do donate so we can continue helping others! (


Who runs this?

This project is run with the support of Poniverse and a amazing group of volunteer staff and artists.


Any other questions can be directed at the designated GoG staff.


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