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So, you want to volunteer with us?

Firstly, thank you! We can use all the help we can get. We have a few ways you can contribute. Opportunity for everyone! Take a look and fill in the form below if youre interested in any of the roles. Thanks!


NB: Do note that taking on a staff role demands a significantly larger commitment than that of a volunteer. Think carefully of how much you can contribute, not just what you can bring before choosing. Both are fulfilling in their own ways.

Another thing to note: Volunteering is very flexible, and can vary based on your IRL commitments. Helping out in your spare time is a good way to start, and you can help people and get involved in a GoG community!

Volunteering Form:






Volunteer roles:

What kind of people we look for in volunteering:

We are looking for a wide variety of people to chip in and help! Any range of skills are useful; however the roles we will primarily need will fall into these four key categories:


PR and Outreach:

We always need good people who are able to communicate and maintain relations with other people and organisations, as well get people knowing and interested in what we are doing! if you are a kind of person who likes or has experience in PR, communicating, making ads or other interpersonal skills, or simply talking to beneficiaries who need someone to help, do give an application in today! 


Fundraising and Events Planning:

As we are a group who runs solely off donations, we do need to be able to find and gather funds to run our events and organisation. Thus, we are always on the lookout for people who are able to run events, both IRL and in the internet, as well as help in various means of gathering funds. If you feel that your style is helping organise or searching for bits between the couch cushions, this is the place for you!


Site Maintainance and Moderation:

As always, keeping an effective operation running is difficulty without help; There are systems to manage, processes to handle, and sites to admin and moderate. This means we are always on the lookout for people who are able and willing to chip in with helping run the place day to day! If you have some spare time to help research, moderate, manage or otherwise check up and help in things in general, this might be the best for you!



The heart of the GoG is the pool of artists who draw everything from requests to merch and more, we are always on the lookout for new artists looking for a place to try and grow their art talent, or perhaps a place to showcase their awesome work! We are always open to artists new and old dipping their hooves in, and we encourage them all to apply and join in! 


Peer Support:

We need people who are willing to be there for others! It helps when there is always somepony to reach for and who cares about you, and we do need a pool of ponies ready to step up and offer some care and concern for others! If this sounds like you, come on in!



If you are experienced, and have the ability to chip in your own special ways to the GoG, we are looking for staffers to help run the place! We will be a lot more selective in terms of staff selection, and you have to apply for specific roles. We prefer if you have prior experience in the field you are applying for, but being skilled in the field with references and evidence would be hugely helpful. To apply, PM me directly after reading this list of roles and seeing which available ones you wish to apply for:

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As someone who has struggled with my own problems and bouts of depression I absolutely adore helping folks out whenever possible as I know what it feels like to be down and out! So I figured I'd give it a go and volunteer and see what comes of it! :Tempest:

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