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So, you want to volunteer with us?

Firstly, thank you! We can use all the help we can get. We have a few ways you can contribute. Opportunity for everyone! Take a look and fill in the form below if youre interested in any of the roles. Thanks!


NB: Do note that taking on a staff role demands a significantly larger commitment than that of a volunteer. Think carefully of how much you can contribute, not just what you can bring before choosing. Both are fulfilling in their own ways.

Volunteering Form:


Volunteer roles:


Sponsor: (HIGH DEMAND)

A role of a sponsor is to liaise with the requesters and beneficiaries, get to know them and to ensure the request is legitimate. Its a role of some responsibility, and is a good fit for people who enjoy getting to know others and are sympathetic. Applicants will need to ensure there is no conflict of interest in volunteering, (i.e they cannot liaise on requests that involve their friends) and sign an agreement not to do so.


Ambassador: (MEDIUM DEMAND)

An ambassador is an artist who will draw requests for others or make merch to sell in our store. It can be a good practice ground for artists while doing good with their work. For the most part, the requests are done out of goodwill, but a commission is claimable from sales of merch with their designs. Any applicants are subject to a quality review by Staff Artists before being accepted.


Volunteers: (MEDIUM DEMAND)
As staff cannot keep track of everything around the GoG, there is a need for volunteers to keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. If youre good for outreach, PR, content maintenance and policing threads, this is a role for you. However, if you are particularly skilled at a specific field and have prior experience, we advise trying for a staff position instead. Applicants work directly with staff to keep things working smoothly. They should be willing to help with what they can, and must remember not to abuse their trusted positions.


Staff roles:


Amongst staff, there are two kinds of people running the show: Staff Artists and General Staff. The main difference is one can draw and do requests and one cant. However, they essentially help out in the same way, keeping the GoG running smoothly through PR, Sponsor/Ambassador management, request handling, technology and web design. There is also a larger commitment required, and higher expectations to contribute.


Staff Artists:

Staff Artists are artists who have invested a significant amount of time and effort to the success of the GoG and were invited to join. Artists may also join directly as staff artists if they are of particular repute (i.e, well established artists).


General Staff:

The general staff members run the operations that keep the GoG running smoothly. Applicants must have prior experience or demonstrable capability in the field they are applying to and be willing to put longer hours to their roles.

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I applied as well! I hope to be able to help with moderation. Thank you for your time.

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