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Character driven vs plot driven


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I believe that FiM is a perfect example of a show that does a great job of going into both character driven and plot driven territories. Much of the show is character driven, but the two-parters (and occasional single episodes) are plot driven. It's great how a show can make character driven stories so entertaining to watch, as well as making you think of the possibilities of plot driven scenarios for the characters.

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In a show that only has 22 minutes to tell a story (except the 2 parters) they manage a pretty good plot most of the time. But I always say that when you've got good characters the rest will fall into place, and that's what we have here. It's really a beautiful balance. I would love to see more MLP movies so they could really delve into the possibilities that feature length can allow. The MLP Movie showed what can be done, and there's another on the way, but with so many stories to tell, is it ever really enough? 

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I agree!

Some of my all time favorite stories in FiM are the ones where the plot just sits back and lets the characters be themselves. One of my favorite stories is Zen and the art of Gazebo Repair, which is a 2-part story in the comics. Theirs no big crisis, no serious character dilemma or drama. It's just Big Mac trying to get some nails to fix a gazebo but keeps getting interrupted by the chaos of Ponyville. The actual plot feels almost inconsequential in comparison to all the fun things that happens within it.

The plot driven stuff is just as good, but not as easy for me to watch. FiM has some of the greatest adventures i've seen in modern animation, but a lot tends to be "one and done" for me, so I tend to watch the character driven stuff more. 

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