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This thread is a mix of a personal channel list collection for me to stop by as well as some recommendations for the community.

I was actually quite hard looking for some until I found some non-music and non-sick-brutal channels, as youtube didn't show me the ones I was interested in for quite some while. Meanwhile, this is way better, also because of likes etc. I did there, so I am mostly getting videos recommended I do like to watch. But the start was pretty clunky.

Feel free to post some other channels.

Requirements for these in general: Friendly videos, non-brutal/splatter/sadistic, somewhat similar to the show I guess.




I personally feel ForgaLorga and AggrolChannel might be very similar with each other, doing mostly MLP animations (not sure if ForgaLorga does so himself or only collects some) without much dialogues.

Flufflepuff: - A popularity by himself about a very flurry, cute albeit not smart earth pony.

I haven't really watched the following ones much, but they look promising:


^ Doing some videos with ponies put in RL videos to tell a story.




Single videos:

 - Basically a show-level (or above) episode. Have to see other Flaming Rich videos yet.

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*Topic moved to Sugarcube Corner. ^^


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