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"While discussing the American dream, the German student is asked if there is a "German dream" and the student goes:

- We had one once, but no one else liked it."

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“Coffee without caffeine is like water without ‘wet’.” 

"Do you have a sister?"  "Yeah why?"  "You look like someone I know...also kinda cute." 

(yes I actually texted this) 

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11 hours ago, Handsome Changeling said:

"You ever thought about how many ghosts you accidentally walked in on having sex? And you didn't even know it"

Oh, no! ... :worry:



Today's –

"Sorry Stevo wasn't here, but he's got man-flu, so he's laid up in bed, ambulance on standby, all the usual stuff. Hopefully he pulls through, eh?"


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"He starts every day with a quarter of a pint of gin mixed with spirits of nitre, flour of sulphur, juniper and the juice of an onion. He says it clears the tubes."

"Good heavens, I'm sure it does. Does he smoke at all?"

"No-o. It looks more like steam."


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