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So lately I've grown tired of Ezzy's mane at times and she could use a few new designs to work with

so I'm asking for everyone's help here! I just want you to draw a new designe for her mane, you can use bases as long as you credit them accordingly.


 What does the winner get? 

A headshot and full body from me for free!


Here's some of my recent work!
Lupi {Gift} by KrazyEzzy

Stallion Sass { Patreon Reward } by KrazyEzzy

Lime Light {Comm} by KrazyEzzy

And yes it CAN be a custom if you're looking to have your ponysona made or redesigned.

I will choose the winner by what I like the best, make sure to put some effort into it, this is just a mane contest, if I love it enough, you'll win, if I don't then sorry in advance. Really hope people will enter this, I really need some new mane idea for Ezzy

GOOD LUCK! Entry end date is May 18th, thank you!

Here's my ponysona's references :



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On 5/11/2018 at 1:39 PM, Pucksterv said:

I tried <3

(The stripes are just a cute little suggestion)


You're the only one who entered, you just win be default, even so I absolutely LOVE these mane designs, thank you so much ;w;  PM with a ref of your oc and I'll make you a shaded fullbody, thanks for being my only participant! 

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