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Could Spike's Comedic Role just be a Distraction?

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Spike is getting better as the seasons go by, but there are times when he gets held back more than he should. As a character that thinks of his friends more than himself, and just let some of them take advantage of him just because he's nice like that, it gives me alot of hope when I just say to myself, "He's just buying his time! He'll get his biggest season someday! Get the attention and development he's been lacking for so many years, and have all that he's been through in the past be completely worth it!"
So, what if his comedic sidekick role right now is just hiding away the possibility of him playing a key role in the final season? Not the keyrole that makes the Mane Six useless of course! Of course the Mane Six'll have a key role in the finale! But what helps me sleep at night is just praying for the writers to just give it all to Spike at the very end of the series! It's happened many times before when the most unexpected character turns out to be the hero, like Pops in Regular Show! There IS more to Spike than we know, maybe more than what the writers know! If they could just put their minds to it, they can finally discover it! They call him a 'main character' for a reason! Why call someone a 'main character' when they don't seem to have a main role? They don't even call Glimglam a 'main character' for some odd reason for all she did!
So what do you think? Could Spike just be holding out to the end to finally live his true purpose; have all that he's been through in the past be greatly rewarded? It may not happen, but he deserves it! That'll show those people who think he's 'useless'!
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4 minutes ago, SharpWit said:

Well Glim Glam hasn't been around nearly as long and although her role is very significant, she's mostly still in the background. And I think spike already has had his day by saving the Crystal Empire.

Yeah, and how many times did the Mane Six save the day after and before that? I just wanna make it seem like there's more to him than it seems.

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