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I know a buddy that does, says he has a lot of fun and frequently goes to cons. Hangs out with a group and do various role-playing.

 Though I'm not big into cons/role-playing personally and those suits get really pricey. :wacko:

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I don't get to do it often, but I love fursuiting. It's a lot of fun and helps me be more myself in public without feeling nervous, but it's a very physically taxing thing to do (especially with some of the bigger suits), so I can see why some people don't like it. I can imagine cost is another reason some people don't do it. Since I'm a fursuit maker I can just make my own for a fraction of the cost of buying one, but most people don't have the tools or patience to make one, so I guess I'm lucky.

This is my boy Ikaika. He was extremely rushed and I finished him the night before I left for MFF last winter. It's pretty easy to tell, especially from the leg, foot, and tail shape (gonna fix those and make them look good before the next con). That tail weighs like thirteen pounds and is seven feet long straightened out - I can only wear it for four to five hours until I'm completely wiped and am literally on the verge of passing out :ButtercupLaugh: Still 100% worth it, though. It's so much fun interacting with people in suit. He had a really good reception - I lost count of the number of people complimenting him or asking to take a photo.



I'm a mostly silent suiter. I've got a diaphragm call that I use sparingly (I'm not one of those people who uses it constantly and annoys everyone), but I only speak if I absolutely have to. I also generally suit alone (hence the small shoulder bag). The hand paws also have finger escapes, which is really nice for drinking water, opening doors, etc. without taking the paws off. You know, the kinds of things your handler would do for you (if you weren't suiting alone. Ergo, finger escapes).

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The fursuit I have from when I was 18 no longer fits me properly nor do I use the character anymore. I don't think I'll sell them sense I still have fond memories attached. If I ever get a new one, I'm hoping it will be of a character I can fully identify as my fursona. My old "fursona" was more of a comfort character.

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I know lots of people at work who wear fursuits as their job. It may look fun on the outside but in the summer heat it can be pretty awful. Some of them have to keep salt tablets to compensate for all the sweating. They aren’t allowed onstage for very long and have to take frequent breaks, and each fursuiter has a handler that keeps an eye on them. There are other cast members who are required to wear fursuits as part of their training before they can perform similar tasks without the suit. This is mandatory but there have been at least a few exceptions to the rule in extenuating circumstances. I never put on a fursuit (one of those few lucky exceptions) but years after getting hired I had the opportunity to put on the headgear just to see what it was like. Let’s just say I’m glad I never had to train in the full outfit. Those performers are some real troupers and don’t get paid enough. 

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