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Post a picture of how you would like to look in Equestria.


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1 hour ago, Lucky Bolt said:

I would look like my ponysona, of course!

Lucky being cute


she's so cute :fluttershy:








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Well, now that khaajit are canon-- I mean furries are canon--


With the possibilities of the expanded in-universe lore, I wouldn't mind looking like this:



(This is Celestial-Rainstorm's art not mine I'm not that talented)

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4 minutes ago, Crow2 said:

I would like to look like this it would be pretty intimidating to most ponies because they haven't seen a human and the amount of armor I'd be wearing would be epic



21 minutes ago, Nightmare Terror said:

Thanks bruv! But seriously though,is there a site where I can make my own pony logo?

I meant Pony character and cutie mark?

I don't know of any right now... But I'll search for some and let you know!

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