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Thorgir the Mighty

Manehattan Episode 1

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Manehattan Noir
Episode 1:Sin City

Manehattan,New Yorkie,1924

Manehattan is a City,a City full of crime,too numerous to count.The police can handle the petty crimes.But for certain cases,the police won’t do.Thats where Rarity comes into play...

*Smooth 1920s jazz plays*
Rarity’s thoughts: It was a slow night tonight,there hasn’t been any major crimes with weeks.So all I’ve been doing recently is nothing sadly,and my partner Spike,helps with the petty crimes and oth-

*Slams open door*

Rarity: Yes Mrs.T?
Twilight: That’s Commissioner Twilight to ya! We have a lead on a Sugarcube Smuggling ring! I need ya to investigate now! *Throws File onto desk*
[Sugarcubes is the ponified “coke”]
Rarity:*lifts hat from eyes* A sugarcube ring? 
Twilight: Yes,are ya deaf or somethin’?
Rarity: Hmm...*Examines files*
Twilight: We only got one lead,apparently the leader goes by the name of “Nightshade”.
Rarity: Huh...*drops files* seems like her last location was at the hotel owned by Mr and Mrs Carver.
Twilight: Rarity I suggest that you go figure out why they were buying that crap and quickly!
Rarity: *putting trench coat on* Yes ma’am you got it. *Loads M1911A1,and Thompson*
Twilight: Ya finished yet sweetheart?
*Rarity ignores twilight then exits the door*
Twilight: I’ll take that as a yes.
Rarity’s thoughts: I wonder why the Carver family would allow drugs into the hotel. It can’t be them,I’ve known them my whole life here in Manehattan.No it can’t be them! I have to prove it!
*Rarity gets into a Taxi*
Driver: Where too miss?
Rarity:207 Sleet Lane,make it quick.
Driver: ‘Aight Miss,207 Sleet Lane.
*Rarity pays the driver and walks inside*
Mrs.Carver: Oh hello Detective! How may we serve you tonight?
Rarity: I’ve come in search of something.
Mrs.Carver: Oh? What is it that you’re looking for?*Leans onto the bar*
Rarity:*pulls picture from coat pocket* At around 10:43pm,yesterday some mysterious ponies walked in carrying sugercubes,I have come here to investigate.
Mrs.Carver:Oh dear!
Rarity: First I’d like to see your,”guests” who are staying in this hotel.
Mrs.Carver: Right away!
*Mrs.Carver gets the 5 guests together including herself and her husband*
Rarity: Carvers,I’d like for you to tell me what were you doing at 10:43pm Yesterday?
Mr.Carver: I was out in the shed welding together my car because the fender got torn off by some drunken punk!
Rarity:Hmm...Mrs.Carver how about you?
Mrs.Carver: I was upstairs cleaning one of our guests rooms!
Rarity:And these ponies are your guests?
Both Carvers:Yes.
Oddingale: Oddingale,Mr Oddingale! *in a smooth talk*
Rarity:Ok Oddingale,what were you doing yesterday at 10:43pm?
Oddingale:Well to be honest,was getting some paper to write my wife back at Arkansaw.
Rarity:How touching...and you miss?
Coronelle:Coronelle,And this is my son,Nash.
Rarity: what were you two doing at 10:43pm?
Coronelle: I was out getting some groceries for dinner.
Rarity:How about you Nash?
Nash:I uhm was...outside...
Rarity:Go on...
Nash:And I saw the truck...I saw the ponies...and they were carrying crates...
*Rarity paying closer attention*
Nash:I looked in of the ponies pointed a was  a nickel plated revolver...with a redwood grip...she said to me,”You speak of this,I’ll hunt your family,and I’ll blow each of your heads off”.
Coronelle: *sob* oh dear.
Nash:So I never spoke of it till now.
Rarity:What did the pony look like?
Nash:She was tall,dark,had turquoise eyes,and had an old english accent.
Rarity:What did the truck look like?
Nash:it was your common truck.the words where a bit faded,but it said “Moon” on it.
Rarity:But where did the drugs go?
*4 thugs entered the hotel and and fired their guns*
*everyone is behind the counter*
Rarity: Everypony,leave out the back now!!! *pulls out and cocks Tommy Gun.Rarity shoots one of the thugs*
Thug 1:Get behind somethin’!!!
Thug 2:The dolls armed!
Rarity: Get out! You’re under arrest!
*Thug 3 jumps out,missing Rarity,But Rarity retaliates by shooting him.*
Thug 2:Dang it! Jimmies been rubbed off!
Thug 1: Up the stairs!
Thug 2:Wait Frank ya idiot!
*The thug attempts to run up the stairs but ends up getting shot*
Thug 2: Screw it,I’m outta here!!!
*the thug exits,but as soon as he opens the door,Police Sgt.Applejack points a Thompson at him*
Applejack: You are under arrest.
*moments later*
Applejack: We found the stash of sugarcubes in the basement.What do you think they were putting it here for?
Rarity: For storage it appears.
Applejack: Storage? Now why would they do that?
Rarity: That’s what I’m going to find out,I’m off to Mrs.Moons Bar and Theatre.If anything she’s probably the suspect.
Applejack: Y’know,it’s not good to jump to conclusions...
Rarity: The description fits,I know what I’m doing.
*Rarity calls for a cab and drives off*
*Moments later at The Moon Bar and Theatre,Rarity exits the cab*
Bouncer: Sorry Miss ya have ta wa-
*Rarity shows badge and walks in*
*As she walks in,she admires how beautiful the place looks*
Rarity’s Thought: Oh my! This place is beautiful,I expected a run down bar full of drunks! And that ladies voice,she soun-wait a minute...
*Rarity pulls out a note describing the characters features*
Rarity’s thoughts: Dark,alicorn,turquoise eyes,and an old English accent! That’s her! But how am I going to make her talk?
*Rarity sits at the bar,thinking about her next move*
Bartender: What’ll it be ma’am?
Rarity: Before I order,how do you sell drinks during the Prohibition? (18th Amendment of the 20s)
Bartender: I don’t know exactly,but if you wanna know you could ask the owner.
Rarity: Is she the one singing?
Bartender: Yeah,she’s the boss. I’ll tell her that you wanna talk to here in a minute. But in the meantime,*rubbing glass* what’ll it be?
Rarity: A strong hard cider.
Bartender:Ya got it *smirk*
*pours cider*
Bartender: Why is a fed like you in a place like this? *puts glass down and rubs another*
Rarity: I’m looking for answers.
Bartender: Right...
*The song ends and the owner,Mrs.Moon or Luna Moon,takes a bow along with the choir,and a huge round of applause starts*
Moon: *Bowing* Why thank you! You were a lovely crowd!
Audience: *loud claps and whistles,followed by a few howls*
Bartender: *leans* Hey Jeff!
Jeff the bodyguard: Yeah?
Bartender: Go get the boss,this lady want ta have a “talk” see!
Jeff the bodyguard: *winks at bartender* yeah, I’ll get ‘er.
Bartender: ‘Aight,she’ll be here soon.
Rarity: *puts down empty glass* Thank you sir.
Moon: Hello Miss..?
Rarity: It’s Rarity,Detective Rarity.
Moon: Let’s go to my office so we can talk more privately.
*Mrs.Moon And Rarity walk into the office*
Bartender: Jeff,get some of ya boys and guard that door Incase the fed decides to take it too serious.
Jeff the bodyguard: ya got it.
*jeff walks toward a couple of men who are playing poker,and walks them towards the office and cocks their Thompsons*
Moon: Please,let me take your coat.
Rarity:No thank you,this will be quick. *sits down*
Moon: If you say so...*sits down*
Rarity: Well first off,I would like to know how this place is running even though selling alcohol is illegal now.
Moon: You could say that we have our ways with the police.*wink*
Rarity: Right. anyways I want to ask you what were you and your guards were doing yesterday at 10:43pm?
Moon: Why do you want to know? *slowly grabs revolver from under the desk*
Rarity: *slowly grabbing handgun from under coat*
Rarity: Because it’s my duty to protect everypony from harmful drugs like these.
Moon: Well Miss...*aims gun at Rarity’s head* you’ve caught me.
*Rarity grabs the revolver and flips Moon overhead and lands with a thud*
Rarity: I’ve had that one done to me more times than you can imagi-
*bodygaurds kick down the door and unleashes lead rain while rarity dives behind a steel locker*
Rarity: Dammit! I can’t let her get away!
*Rarity jumps out from behind the locker whilst holding her Thompson,she unloads the clip into the guards and runs out the door. The citizens are leaving and Rarity notices Moon with her bodyguards leaving out the back door.Rarity rushes out to the back while the truck just left the driveway.Rarity steals a Rolls Royace*
Rich Man: Hey that’s my car!
Rarity: *hops in* I’m a detective and I need this vehicle!
*Rarity speeds off,onto Moons tail*
Guard: ‘Ey boss! The fed is back!
Moon: *taking a sharp turn* Light her up for Celestias sake!!!
*Shortly the thugs along with Rarity leave the city and are now on the countryside.The guards open little slots in the trucks cargo area,and start shooting rarity.Rarity doesn’t get hit but the car is (obviously) taking damage.Rarity shoots a guard in one of the peep holes and shoots the tires.*
Moon:Dam-*the truck crashes into a tree*
*3 bodyguards exit the truck as well as Moon and start unloading lead at Rarity manages to kill one.Then a thug shoots the gas tank,causing it to explode.Rarity jumps behind a different tree before the explosion.With a greater angle,she kills the other guard,as well as the other one.Moon jumps in the back,and grabs a MK.2 military grenade.Moon throws it,but as she throws it Rarity tackles Moon and starts a fist fight.Moon kicks rarity in the gut,forcing her to get off her,while Moon lunges toward her,Rarity side steps and puts Moon in a chokehold*
Rarity:Moon! Stop struggling! Surrender and come quietly!
Moon: NO!!! I’m not giving up my fortune!!!
*moon grabs a dagger that was attached to her leg,and attempts to stab Rarity,but she misses.Rarity throws her to the ground and puts her in cuffs.*
Rarity:Your drug smuggling days are done.
Kid: Wow Miss,you’re amazing at fighting people!
*the police then arrive*
Twilight: Satisfactory job Detective.
Rarity: Oh please commissioner...*lights cigar*
Twilight: You’re right,you did pretty good.You stopped a drug smuggling crew!
*Rarity stares at the city*
Rarity: Before I leave Commissioner I must ask...
Rarity: How come her bar was selling alcohol? Whereas the 18th Amendment says “no distribution of alcoholic substances”?
Twilight: uhm...I don’t know...?
Rarity: Right...*smokes cigar again,and hops into a patrol car*
Rarity’s thoughts: Today I stopped a drug of my biggest cases since,two years ago.I wonder what’s next in line for me.But until then,when this city needs me I’ll be there!

Up next Episode 2: A Ripper in town...

Ps I had to put it here because no one goes on the fanfic site

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