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    • Cozy Glow: "I…FAILED!!!" *wails away* ("I HATE IT!" >__<)
    • Apple Bloom: *pulls gum off desk* "I bet ther's no wonderful world of cleaning lesson at Twilight's school." ("I dislike it!")
    • Yona: *jumps, eats cupcake, accidentally flattens Pinkie into a pancake* ("…meh…")
    • Apple Bloom: "We wanted to go to Twilight's school more than anything, but helping you has been even more fun!" ("I like it!")
    • Cozy Glow: "Kindness! Loyalty! Honesty! Generosity! Laughter! Magic!" CMCs & Cozy: "YEAH! WOO-HOO!" ("I LOVE IT!" <3)

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A nice episode overall, twilight may have been a bit harsh on the cmc but it was kind of understandable. The interactions between cozy and the cmc was great and this episode got me intrigued in cozy glow. Starlight face was the highlight of the episode to me. Still, the episode did not really helped me understand the concept of the school, the cmc do not need to study friendship? The students seems quite friendly so why they need to study? Who can study and who can't? It just annoys me, but as the episode itself, its pretty good. 7\10  

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You know on rewatching this as part of my effort to make a timeline I've just realized how many hints to Cozy Glows true personality are scattered through it like her mistaking the symbol for the magic of friendship for "control" when she's being tutored.

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