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Cozy Glow impressions

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atWell, as many of you know, Finland has gotten early releases, among them is the unleaked episode 12: Marks for Effort. We see the debut of Cozy Glow, the apparent villain of the season. Due to the language, I had to take mostly interpretations on the episode. But for what I understood, it seems like Cozy's goal is to enroll to Twi's school, but she was seemingly rejected. She's found close to the CMC clubhouse crying, and the cuties start to help her to get accepted, by teaching her friendship lessons, and to put it short, the succeeds. When she first appeared, I've dismissed her sadness as crocodile tears, with the expected villain role she'll later adopt, but I was otherwise surprised she didn't show any evil intentions, or at least blatant ones. The language barrier didn't help, so I guess I have to wait for either subs, or the US airing 

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