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timeline of equestria girls


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can anyone tell if they have any idea of where in equestria girls these shorts take place?... :fluttershy:

i mean, i'm pretty sure Make Up Shake Up comes straight after 'this is our big night'


but i'm not too sure about A Photo Booth Story & Raise This Roof ... ok, i know that they are 'during' the fall formal... but that's all i know :twi:




also, i do wonder what season mirror magic takes place during...   Forgotten Friendship too for that matter :ooh:




i'd like to know when these shorts take place too...  if at all *in the equestria girls world, of course :twi:*


Summertime Shorts


Steps of Pep

Mad Twience

Monday Blues

Pet Project

Subs Rock

Shake Things Up!

The Art of Friendship

The Canterlot Movie Club *i know it's some time after the events of Mirror Magic, though :fluttershy: *

Leaping Off the Page

Get the Show on the Road

Epic Fails

Coinky-Dink World

Good Vibes




Better Together


School of Rock

A Fine Line

Pinkie Sitting

Queen of Clubs


The Finals Countdown

Star Crossed

My Little Shop of Horrors

Display of Affection

A Little Birdie Told Me

Super Squad Goals

Road Trippin

X Marks the Spot

Aww... Baby Turtles

Lost and Found

Too Hot to Handle

Unsolved Selfie Mysteries

The Salty Sails

Blue Crushed

Turf War

Friendship Math

The Last Day of School


Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic

Five to Nine

So Much More to Me



Choose Your Own Ending


Best Trends Forever

Fluttershy's Butterflies

Text Support

Stressed in Show

Driving Miss Shimmer

Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot

All the World's Off Stage

Constructive Criticism

Opening Night

Happily Ever After Party

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I didn't even know there were that many, I have some catching up to do. Generally the rule for order is when they were released unless the episode takes place in a well known past event, or if the timing of two episodes comes into conflict like how in MLP the episode "Fall Weather Friends" comes after "Winter Wrap Up", in which case you can normally just switch the episodes. Also pay attention to past references. These normally occur at the beginning when they dump all the exposition on you, and Pinkie Pie is also a great source for these. Something to try as well is to pull up the transcripts so you don't miss them completely.

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equestria girls have a wierd time thing to. Years pass in equestria and it seems like it's only been a few months at most in equestria girls. You know it's already been nine months in mlp timeline since season 8 started? It's crazy.

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"Dance Magic," "Movie Magic," and "Mirror Magic" take place at some point after "Legend of Everfree," I think, since Twilight has been comfortably integrated into CHS. 

The Summertime Shorts seem to take place at varying times. "Make Up Shake Up" through "Raise This Roof" take place during the first movie, whereas the other narrative shorts seem to take place at some point after "Friendship Games" or "Legend of Everfree." I figure the music videos take place fairly close to each other, and since Timber Spruce appears in "Mad Twience," I must assume they take place after "Legend of Everfree." 

I assume that "Better Together," "Forgotten Friendship," and "Chose Your Own Ending" are all set in a similar time frame, and since Timber Spruce appears in a couple of these, I have to assume that they take place around the same time as the summertime music videos. 

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