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Banner by ~ SFyr


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5 hours ago, Flakith said:

They look fantastic ! Your animals are really nicely done. The coloring is simply gorgeous.

Great work !

aaahh thank you so much! I am getting back into furry art after being away from it for a while and I am so glad to know I still got it!

4 hours ago, Califorum said:

I love your art! It looks really great.

aawwwww thank you thank you thank you!


4 hours ago, Key Sharkz said:

Do you make tutorials by chance? I'd love to learn from you.

I have actually never made tutorials before, and I had never thought of making them before but perhaps I actually CAN do them! What specifically would you want to see a tutorial of?

2 hours ago, Twilight Sparkle is best said:

Holy cow that is good artwork right there 

these comments...the MLP community have been the only ones who have actually commented or even looked at my artwork and I am so thankful.

some more art!

some traditional art~


lucinda 1.png

LionLickersPeridot resize.png

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  • 3 weeks later...

hello i didn't die just got very busy

this is one of the things i got busy with. I am preparing material to create an online shop! these are from Animal Crossing and they're still a work in progress~


2018-06-09 (1).png

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  • 2 weeks later...

some more traditional art in my creepy cute style. they're all vent art of sorts.The last two are fairly recent, only one day apart.

one is hidden by a spoiler bc it's kinda graphic (gore) so you have been warned!

Titled: From the Inside Out





Titled: Green Eyed



Titled: Tired of Words



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A blue diamond I did ages ago for coloring practice



and my completed animal crossing batch!

these cuties will be available in a shop once I make more content and set up a shop!

probs gonna do it on Redbubble or Society 6.

gonna put them in a spoiler since the files are p big and i don't want to make the post super long :wacko:

In order: Crissy and Francine, Fauna, JulIan, Marina, Marshall, Merengue, and Stitches.







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I suppose this sorta counts as graphic design??? I am not a graphic designer by any means.

I put this banner together from mostly images with a creative commons license, which I modified a bit in colors and such. Font was from FireAlpaca, and I added the glow and shadow effects. It's gonna be for any potential online shops.

For what it is it's not too shabby.


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Neeeeeeeew art!

Both of these were mostly for illustration practice but a good excuse to draw my gemsona.

And Jasper because she's bae.


An annoyed Moonstone portrait, ft FANGS



This is a small scene i remade from my mini Steven Universe fanfic "Silent Treatment" on AO3.

need to practice backgrounds.124339381_moonjasper.thumb.png.eb87728910578bffd68b38001700f9a2.png

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