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Just thought I'd put this up because i felt we needed an easy way to spread Marvel related news and stuff throughout the forums.

First on the agenda is that Marvel has regained the rights to the X-men, Fantastic four, Deadpool, and all related properties. So, now the only ones FOX can still hurt are X23 and the other new mutants. (This also means that we can have an old fashioned Wolverine vs Hulk slap fest on the silver screen)

As for other news Marvel has already announced Ant-man and Wasp and Captain Marvel. The other more friendly movie studio Sony which so kindly loaned us Spiderman will be releasing Venom in his own solo movie this October on Halloween with Carnage as the villain, Black cat will also be getting a movie with Silver Sable. This gives us the opportunity for a pair of Marvel's greatest on again of again anti-heroes.

For those of you that did not attend Comic-con we also have the possibility of a Doctor Doom centered movie. Also for those who did not know, both Hobgoblin and Green goblin have been confirmed to be in the MCU (or at least their alter egos, though the studio will no doubt use them or at least one of them).

Now for some discussion provoking questions:

1. How do you think Venom will work without Spiderman? will the symbiote be made into more of a monster than the comics.

2. Do you think they'll pair Spiderman with Black cat this time or will Mary Jane appear out of nowhere?

3. Do you think that since they used Thanos as the first big boss of the MCU they'll use Galactus as the bigger boss? (i personally believe so as they did buy the FF)

4. how do you think they'll introduce the FF and the X-men to the MCU? 

5. now that they have Wolverine do you think they might pull the old quintet of Spiderman, Daredevil, Captain America, and Wolverine?

6. Will Venom go in as a hero to the MCU?

7. Will Doctor Doom be a mid point villain?

8. What other heroes do you want to join the MCU?

9. Anything else you can think of?

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I don't think they will hook Black cat with Spiderman for the movie, unless they made her as a teen too. But Mary jane would be enough since they just recently introduced her in the movie. I believe Eddie would be less of a dick in the movie  which I have no problem with that. It nice to see Eddie getting some slack.

All I can say is, I'm pretty disappointed that they genderbend Ghost when they could just used other female villains for Ant-man. Such a waste.

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