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The Wacky Story game {SO MUCH RANDOMNESS}


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Okay so the rules and ways to play this game are SUPER simple... I post the beginning of a story, and you add on. You can add anything as long as it follows the terms and conditions of mlp forums!

There is no real plot, just be random, you can add pretty much anything you want. Anyway here I go! 

Make it as silly as possible!

One time in sugarcube corner, Pinkie was super busy handling the store while Mr and Mrs Cake was away. She worked hard all day and began to get tired. She headed to her bedroom after turning all the ovens off, all orders made ready to go for the next day. She lays on her bed and closes her eyes, slowly sinking into a dream state. Luna only knows what she'd dream about tonight.

*Your turn!*

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The intruder slowly and silently opens Pinkie's closet. Although masked, it is plain to see the abject terror in the stealthy pony's eyes as they stare in terrified horror at what lays in the closet.  Has there ever been so much cheese in such a small space?

Shaking from mane to tail, the pony attempts to withdraw.

There's a sudden bump. A drinking glass falls from the nightstand, shattering on the floor.


Pinkie opens her eyes.

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the intruder's mask falls off,its Luna!
Luna:you're still dreaming child,is that your greatest fear?that somepony will steal your cheese?
Luna leaves a bit too hurriedly and Pinkie pinches herself to actually wake up,she wasn't sleeping after all

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