Should I continue to develop my species?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to help me develop the species?

    • Sure! That sounds like fun!
    • Nah, I've got too much to do already
    • Maybe. What's in it for me?
    • It depends on what you would want helpers to do
  2. 2. Should I continue to develop them?

    • Yes! (would you get one though?)
    • sure! I'd get one!
    • Nah, there's too many species already (true true, but aside that would you get one?)
    • nope, not my thing (aww okie)

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So I've had this idea for a fan species (Ex: Whisper poniesIce cream poniesFlutteriasPond ponies/Fawn pondsFlame lights) for a long time and I kinda started it out, but gave up when I realized it was too complicated to create a whole new species all alone ;~;

They were called Nature ponies because they were all based off of natural disasters or weather. Like this girl who is a volcanic type Nature. Or this guy who is a gloom type Nature. Sky Thunderstorm is also a gloom type although, he's a common rarity.

I was working on the twister type Natures, but I never uploaded the art. Basically, they had glowing marks, couldn't open their eyes, the ears turned to twisters, and the tail was a twister.


Does this sound interesting to anyone?


I also have another one I was working on called Jems. They looked like this and had different types. Each gemstone was a different Jem type like my girl Salt Shaker. She's a diamond Jem because her gemstones were diamonds.


Eh, eh? Interested anyone?

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@BlueBook, I moved this to OC help since these are fan species that you are developing and are seeking guidance. 

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I'll have to come back to this after a while. New species is kinda my jams, yo.

 made a Tatzelpony! But I am unabashedly Mad, after all. Wouldn't recommend tatzelponing for everybeing.


 Do have to warn against that though. Looking at the "Ice Cream Ponies", I have to say, there's a notable difference between designing a species and just using a preset form & drenching it in a theme. You do, after all, want these creatures to be imagined walking about & interacting with the world, eh what? Would be hard to do that if it had huge, floppy, ornate wings!

 Take (Shake it like ah!) Saltshaker here or Burning EMBERS! That you used for examples. Kinda don't seem too far away from Dragonponies or Crystal Ponies. I'd err on the side of "there's too many species already" but considering this fandom's breadth, there's far too much ground taken up where similarities won't be drawn & questions dully asked like: "Well, why didn't yeh make it a dragonpony den? I'd'd be easier dat way."

 But I do not mean to discourage! I adore your work!!

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