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Revival Renassance? Could Hasbro reboot Moon Dreamers?


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There seems to be an ongoing trend, as of late, with old 80's IP's coming back into the spotlight- Thundercats Roar is a new reboot from the 80's Cartoon, The Thundercats. Powerpuff Girls, Duck Tales, Inspector Gadget, The Magic Schoolbus, and more are receiving the same treatment. And only a few months ago, there were a bunch of toys from the 80's, like Gumby, Lite Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and MLP g1 hitting Target shelves for a while.


So I have to wonder if Hasbro will jump on board this "Reboot Renaissance" and brush the dust off of another one of their old IP's- that being Moon Dreamers. http://www.mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Moon_Dreamers

This was a small segment of a show that ran alongside g1 My Little Pony  n' Friends episodes, which were 11 minutes long. (In addition to "Glo Friends" or "Potato Head Kids"). Perhaps they can be successful if handed to the right person to be developed. Perhaps someone who grew up with their toys, as Lauren Faust did, and used her nostalgia and imagination to craft MLP g4. With a series similar to Moon Dreamers existing as Disney's Star Darlings IP, I think what might be best is if a collaboration between these two companies was agreed upon.


What do you guys think? Can Moon Dreamers be brought back soon, and prove itself to be successful for Hasbro?

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