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Hello! I got the green light for creating a shop. Thank you for stopping by! This thread of for commissions! It will include custom work, YCH's (your character here), and even original adoptables from time to time.Any new offers will be posted on this thread. Below is a price sheet for my commissions. Sometimes, I will announce bundle deals that can get you discounted art! So be on the lookout!

Please reply and or PM me for a slot, with the type of commission you want, a reference of your character(s), and a description of what you want it to look like. If there is anything not listed you want, such as a more complex background, let me know! I don't take these types of commissions except upon request, and will be priced differently, so I need to know ahead of time to let the mods know about a new price addition! 

I am open to drawing any and all species canon to the MLP universe! Also, non MLP art is okay too! Just ask~


Merpony YCH! 

Wanna spice up your pony? Then here's your chance! A customizable YCH for you. Lineart, mane, and fins will all be modified to fit your character. Different expressions offered upon request. Lineart base below, and example of a completed merpony in the spoiler.

If interested, please check out when buying as the following (pick the one that fits what you want):

Flat Color- Full Body (for flat color)

Colored and Shaded- Full Body (for detail)





Slots & Queue

1) Rikuuuu (Ref sheet, PAID)




Art examples: Main Tumblr || Pony Tumblr || Art Instagram

Forum Art Threads: Rose Arts (MLP) || The Rose Arts Etc

Please click this link read over my Terms and Conditions! Thank you!

Click here to buy a commission~

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Bumping! Added slots, and a new YCH!

It's merpony based wink wink nudge nudge 

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Finished commision! A one view reference sheet.

I am open for more slots!





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