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Oh wow Seabreeze is getting some early love here. 


This will be interesting. 

4 minutes ago, Snow said:

Sucks to hear that man, Hope you are back to 100% soon!

Image result for gangster celestia
That's the way chaps, keep them there votes rollin' in.

Thanks Snow and thanks to everyone who wished me well and was patient. 


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A little throwback fun from the 2014 World Cup. In the knockout rounds, Celestia faced off against Scootaloo who came from behind to eliminate Tia with just a single vote. That and the Final which had probably two dozen lead changes were the craziest matches that tournament. 

Coming off of a pretty great season for Celestia, she may do pretty good here. She definitely got some development from the writers with Celestial Advice and Royal Problem. Can't wait to see how that effects her voting long term. 


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Personally, I like Celestia. I don't dwell too much on the reasons behind why she puts the Mane Six in dangerous situations without just fixing problems herself. Otherwise, we wouldn't have much of a show, would we? I don't think she's best princess, but she's wise, just, and compassionate. I particularly enjoy the "Momlestia" (note the second "m" :P) interpretation of her, because to me that best represents what she's all about. Vote for Celestia!!! :sunbutt:


Who else???

How about Tank? He's a pet, so he never speaks, but he's adorable and incredibly loyal. I'm a fan!


And finally...

Ahuizotl! He's probably the most underrated villain on the entire show. I wish we could learn more about the sorts of creatures that Daring Do encounters, because they are unlike anything else in Equestria.


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1 hour ago, Oleks said:

Seriously, Ahuizotl should appear in the show more often, we know so little about him.



6 minutes ago, Prospekt said:

Ahuizotl! He's probably the most underrated villain on the entire show. I wish we could learn more about the sorts of creatures that Daring Do encounters, because they are unlike anything else in Equestria.


Im finding so many new friends in this thread!! :wub:



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... should I talk about that thing he has at the end of his tail?  I mean, he could technically play the banjo AND the tambourine at the same time...


And so - I have returned!

Well, it seems our little contest is coming along quite nicely!  In fact, I'd even go so far as to say it's turning out to be a real BALL!


... anyone?


... you plebeians have no sense of humor.

And so I, the Lord of Chaos, have returned with another little 'challenge' for my dear, dear friend... Princess Celestia.

What?  You think she isn't going to win?

Seriously, you ARE aware that, as ruler, she (quite possibly) CAN veto votes, right?  I mean, being large and in charge gives you room to do all sorts of things like that!  And she most certainly seems to have the 'in charge' part... and all that cake she loves to eat practically guarantees the 'large' part!


But, before I continue to go on and on like some superfluous ding-a-ling, I'd probably best get to the challenge part of my diatribe, else I begin to bore the gathered masses and ratings plummet.

Given the idea that there are some fliers in this match, I'm pleased to announce that I've decided to make it a bit more interesting for them to have any advantage.








Yes, there will be a slight absence of that force that holds ponykind to the ground... after all, I'm still miffed at it for being better at dragging others down faster than I ever did back in the good ol'... I mean, BAD ol' days!

I imagine there'll be plenty of contestants who'll miss all the little things... like "ceasing forward momentum", or "moving with confidence", or even that old chestnut "how do I stop spinning".  Ah, yes... such fun.

But... is it enough?

Wait!  I know!  I can also get rid of that pesky air!  I'd love to see them try to make their way through air that isn't ther-...






Ponies need to breathe, don't they?

Well, I suppose THAT'S out, then.  Oh, well...

I still think having no gravity AND no air would be quite the challenge, but I suppose I'll have to just go with the 'sans gravity' option.

... honestly, no one likes a true challenge anymore...

Now, let's get out there and TRY NOT TO FLOAT AWAY INTO SPACE!



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Well Princess Celestia's already the easiest choice of this tournament.

Yeah, she is pretty awesome.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, her butt sure is...






I think you meant to say-

I know what I said. :bedeyes:

Damn it, Cloud.


Ummmm... why?

Causeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....................................... :o............................................... he's a tortoise! :love:

Seems logical to me.

Eh, sure, why not, besides this is a fairly sparse group anyway... oh hey, Daring look, Ahuizotl's here too and... THAT MAKES AS LITTLE SENSE AS YOU BEING HERE DOES!!!

Sorry, I'm just a fictional character, I don't make the rules for who's here and who isn't.

Star, ya ever gonna let this go?


Sweetie, half the things that happen in our lives don't make any sense.

What're you talking about, Carrot, things have been downright boring lately!

OK, so half of the things that happen in our lives don't make any sense to most of us.

I am telling you, I am gonna get to the bottom of this if it's the last thing I do.

Um, guys, who's getting our third vote.

I don't know, Dinky, why don't you pick.

OK!  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... FEATHERWEIGHT!

Why Featherweight?

Cause he gave me his cookies last week!

Ya know, that somehow makes more sense than the tortoise.

Good choice, sweetie!


Ummmmmmmm, everypony!  This may be a bad time to mention that... I was never very good at sports.

Oh... :wau:... well, s***!!! :unamused:

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