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World Cup Housekeeping

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Some of you may have noticed some odd things on the site. Since managing the World Cup Preliminaries became more and more difficult in one thread, and because the actual World Cup is more involved and more than just a pony popularity thread, a temporary forum and sub-forums have been created to house everything. I'm in the process of organizing it now, creating announcement topics that will be released as different elements are unveiled. Going forward it will be easier to follow what is going on. Old matches will be moved into their own area. As a hint on what to expect ... the Awards system that we started to experiment with will be utilized for those that participated, as well as sometime brand new to MLPF ... Clubs. Currently planned as a way for fans of the World Cup to pick a team, congregate, and even manage aspects of that team, I'm excited for their official opening since it will also act as a sort of pilot to see how these work in the wild and see if we can find other uses and ways to differentiate them from topics, blogs, and such. 

Stay tuned, because this is about ready to enter a new phase :D



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Really liking this new, more organized aspect of this. I think it really enhances the experience people are getting participating this. The clubs are really the cherry on top of this system to bring the event closer to the community.

I barely missed the 2014 one but i think im starting to grasp the feeling behind the event due to these changes =) :grin:

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