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1 hour ago, Dark Horse said:

Need something to lift your sprits? Try a helium filled balloon! :D

And voice! *giggles squeakily*

*sends more balloons to @DashYoshi and @PiratePony* :balloon::balloon:

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Balloon to @Sunset Rose since doing something for free balloon day was her idea.




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Let's start with some thank-you balloons.  Those go to @Alexshy, @Flutterstep, @Rising Dusk, @TheTaZe, @Nightfall Thunder, and @UglyBTD.

(I honestly expected to not receive any.  Thank you all so much)

And now, balloons to @The Recherche, @Jade Fire, @The_Gobo, @Fluttershy Friend, @CypherHoof, @Wannabrony, @Silenz Veritas, @Captain Clark, @Stormfury. @King of Canterlot, and @Twilight Luna.

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Balloons! :wub: 

Heh I was going to wait for opening, but it was set to 6AM (for mah), so I went to sleep. :P

Anyway, time for balloons!! :yay: 

@Fluttershy Friend This Fluttershy-Colored Balloon is just for you! :) GTX2Wcl.pngMaybe not as big as our walls of text, but pretty big too! :D 

@The Recherche This FABULOUS!™ Balloon is yours, Darling!! :D  kKaqfl8.png

@Rarity the Supreme Of course you get one too, Darling! :D  kKaqfl8.png

@Totally Roseluck I know things have changed lately, but please take this Lyra-Colored Balloon. :kindness: 11VxbnG.png

@Wannabrony It's more than obvious, that you need to get one! :catface: :balloon:

@Tacodidra One for you too! ^_^ :balloon:

Where is that snek pone @Mesme Rize:ooh: Here's a balloon for you too! A SnekballoonH9vnVzQ.png:D 

Now the whole stack of balloons goes to @Jeric for his hard work and everything! hU1DQdm.png:D and an additional  FABULOUS!™ BalloonkKaqfl8.png :D 

And this one S2oex95.png like sky without end; Goes to @Buffy! :wub: 

And even more balloons!!

@.Wolfe.:balloon: @Alexshy:balloon: @Amorphis:balloon: @PathfinderCS :balloon:@Califorum:balloon: @Compeador:balloon:@Dark Horse:balloon: @Crescent Forest:balloon: @DashYoshi:balloon: @Im_not_crazy_im_just:balloon: @Leere:balloon: @Nightfall Gloam :balloon:@Niko:balloon: @Nye:balloon: @Outnick<3:balloon: @Prospekt:balloon: @Rising Dusk:balloon: @Snow :balloon:@SolarFlare13 :balloon:@Sparklefan1234:balloon: @TheTaZe:balloon: @meck-can-ik pony:balloon: @Sliding Bolt:balloon:


So many balloons! :pinkie: 

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Just now, Rikifive said:

@Fluttershy Friend This Fluttershy-Colored Balloon is just for you! :) GTX2Wcl.png

Thanks! :squee:


Maybe not as big as our walls of text, but pretty big too! :D 

That would be simply impossible!:please:

Very big and very colorful balloon for you friend! :fluttershy:

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What a coincidence! I have a massive stockpile of balloons right here to hand out to lovely pones! Why did I have this stockpile you may ask?

Moving on!

Let's begin:

:balloon:to @Eccojams Vol. 1, My wonderful boyfriend who makes me happy and helps me to fight away the dark in my lowest points. <3

:balloon:to @Dark Horse, This guy is a bro. An Irish bro and Irish accents are sexy. :3 :P He is a cool guy, one who manages to be a great admin here and find the time to chat with a friend, even during his busy life.

:balloon:to @Nature Tune , A sweet member who has only offered positive words to me, even if we haven't talked as much as I would like. This applies to many here as I am such a social oddity. :|

:balloon:to @Flutterstep, One with a swaggy avatar. :) Known you for a long while here it feels like, feels like more than just 3 years and it has been a pleasure.

:balloon:to @Key Sharkz We have definitely had our differences in the past, but you definitely make good points on different subjects and you listen to mine as well and I appreciate that.

:balloon:to @TheRockARooster You have always been a good buddy to me, even if I don't respond as quickly as I would like. Again, that goes for pretty much everyone. I am not great at the friendship thing.

:balloon:to @Dark Qiviut We had differences in the past as well, but I then realized that you are a cool guy that offers great insight. :)

:balloon:to @Libra We often seem to go to each other when we want to rant about our current displeasures, but that is a sign of trust and having a listening ear is something that is worth more than some may realize. Of course you also tend to ask me how I am doing and that alone is a simple reminder that I am not alone.

:balloon:to @Sparklefan1234 You have always been kind to me and I really like your passion that you express for what you like. That is a very positive thing.

:balloon:to @meme Simply a cool dude. With a name that is appropriate for so many things. :P

:balloon:to @Stormfury Someone that that is always a good person to me regardless of my mood. ^-^

:balloon:to @UglyBTD I know very little of you and we have barely talked, but you went out of your way to compliment that Spitfire signature I made and I appreciate it.

:balloon:to @SolarFlare13 One of the coolio Aussie pones. :3 A good person and one with immense passion and like I said before, that is something I always find to be great. Passion spreads passion.

:balloon:to @Gestum Me and you seem to hold near identical views on quite a few subjects and you present those views well.

:balloon:to @Woohoo Quite the funny person and one that has been a good friend to me. :D

:balloon:to @Nightfall Gloam Very cute ponysona. :3

:balloon:to @goofyg65 I know we haven't talked much, but I have known you for a while and you always seemed quite kind.

:balloon:to @Gamer Pizza For best username. :yay:

:balloon:to @A.V. A gamer pone that I may not always agree with, but he seems cool and has a passion for gaming that is evident.

:balloon:to @VG_Addict A gamer through and through.

:balloon:to @Lucky Bolt One who shows their passion often for NASCAR.

:balloon:to @ChB A fellow Spongebob fanpone. :pinkie:

:balloon:to @ultrairongorilla Another awesome gamer pone. :lol:

:balloon:to @PiratePony You have showed tons of support and I great appreciate it. :rarity:

:balloon:to @Johnny1226 We rarely talk, but you comment on my statuses a lot and that is really cool.

:balloon:to @Autumnpelt Someone I have been able to relate to on many different occasions.

:balloon:to @Lunar Glow Simply a very nice pone. :)

:balloon:to @Justin_Case001 Another really cool gamer.

That's a lot of balloons. I tried to get as many people as I know here as possible, but going through so many names my mind gets jumbled. So if I know you well and you are not mentioned here, I apologize. I will be sure to give ye a balloony when I can. ;) I simply want to show my appreciation to cool pones.


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A big red balloon to @Jeric for orchestrating the free balloon event! Great job, J! :balloon:

One balloon for @PathfinderCS because he is a great friend and mentor. ^ ^ :balloon:

A balloon just for @Sparklefan1234 for doing their best to keep my spirits up. <3 :balloon:

Another balloon for @Wannabrony for being a favorite fellow Twilight acolyte. :balloon:

This dark red balloon to @Dark Horse for his advice and friendship. :balloon:

A hope-filled balloon sent to Poland to @Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man in the hopes that it will bring him back to the forums. :balloon:

A balloon covered in downy feathers for @ShadOBabe for being my favorite birb person. :balloon:

A fabulous carmine-colored balloon for @The Recherche for his progress. ^ ^ :balloon:

A big pink balloon for @Gone Airbourne for his occasional conversation and friendship. xCESKWu.png

One last balloon for @Shabby from Scoogy Doo because 'There's a pony talking to us Scoob...'. :balloon:



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8 minutes ago, SwitchGuy2018 said:

Although not to be selfish, but why has no given me any balloons?

That's just sad

@SwitchGuy2018 I'll be the very first to do so, what an honour! :blush: 

Here you go! :balloon:

Your beloved Emperor :wub: 

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:balloon:@Kyoshi.  Well, I'll just give you a balloon right back, for being one of my most favoritest ponies on the forums!  Thanks so much for thinking of me!  :blush:


Uh, let's see, I don't have much time right now, so I can't think of everypony, but I have to give one to my main man @Truffles for always giving me props for my jokes in the episode discussion threads.  It makes my day.  It really does.  It just tickles me pink.  Here: :balloon::D

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Balloons for... EVERYONE!


For all just being fellow awesome members and fans in general! ^_^

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