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I give a balloon to @Jeric :balloon: for bringing us an amazing competition that is the World Cup.

A balloon for @Sparklefan1234 and @Rarity the Supreme (Despite being gone):balloon: for both giving us all daily boops and cuddles. 

I give a balloon to @Wannabrony :balloon:for being the first pony to welcome me to the forums.

I give a balloon to @Buffy:balloon:for obvious reasons, bringing us this forums community.  

A balloon to @ChB :balloon:for their lovely competitions.

A balloon to @Dawnchaser :balloon:for their well made rhymes.

A big balloon for our favorite and funniest, and possibly the only slime, @The_Gobo :balloon:for being funny. 

Another balloon for @Jonny Music :balloon:for their consistent stream of organ covers.

A balloon to @Rikifive :balloon:for their quality posts, (making picture tutorials, gifs, and videos to explain the game(s) they are working on.)

A balloon to @SwitchGuy2018:balloon:for feeling left out. (I don’t know if this is still valid or not.

A bunch more for everypony my memory can’t recall, I wish I could remember more, but I have been tired for a while. :balloon:

*I meant to post this a while back, but I forgot to finish it. Don’t be mad pls.* :rarity:

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:balloon:i know  is late but  i want  give baloon  to helmet hamster @ZethaPonderer  and Princess @Alexshy  and  to all my friends   :balloon:

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