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  1. 1. Team Sweet Apple Acres

    • Applejack
    • Twilight Velvet
    • Cheese Sandwhich
  2. 2. Team Baltimare

  3. 3. Team Canterlot

    • Princess Celestia
    • Tank the tortoise
    • Ahuizotl
  4. 4. Team White Tail Woods

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Alright, running Sweet Apple Acres and Baltimare again now that I know who won the Wildcard for each. 

WC Final 7 and 8.png

WC Final 10 and 11.png


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Celestia is showing everypony who's boss. That is, if the results are displayed correctly.



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Celestia becoming a captain is pretty much a given at this point though I am surprised at Winona having an early lead. I'd love it if she comes out on top because I am a dog person in real life. Oh, and shouldn't the name be 'Angel Wings' and not 'Angle Wings' according to the poll?

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Celestia's reaction to being in the lead to be her team's captain:

Related image

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I think Celestia is the first character to have won by unanimous decision, in either this or even the previous world cup. 

It's Christmas in June! 

Image result for celestia

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