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Let's not disappoint Twilight here! Vote Moondancer in! Give the glasses wearing nerdy one the attention! <3


Comic_issue_SS_Moondancer.png (As she appeared in the comics before her debut in the show)

Also if Skystar doesn't get in when Novo did, that would be quite funny. XD

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I will say that while FiM has some great general voice acting, Moon Dancer's breakdown stands is one of the best moments where all phases of animation came together to provide a level of raw gut punch that is usually reserved for the Mane Six. 

What an episode for Larson to go out on!



Crap, I invoked him!!!!


> Lays down trap. 




That ought to hold him over for a bit. 


I have to be careful of that! He showed up in the MLPF 2014 World Cup to wreak untold destruction. And also made me a Princess! 




If he shows up again ... no telling what he'll do. 

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Till now I voted  for all of these:

  1. Group 1
    1. Gummy
    2. Sonata Dusk
    3. Zecora
  2. Group 2
    1. Queen Chrysalis
    2. Marble Pie
    3. Flash Magnus
  3. Group 3
    1. Tantubus
    2. Daybreaker
    3. Snow Drop
  4. Group 4
    1. Fluttershy
    2. Commander Ironhead
    3. Zephyr Breeze
  5. Group 5
    1. Pear Butter
    2. Buffy
    3. Button Mash
  6. Group 6
    1. Spitfire
    2. Joe
    3. The Storm King
  7. Group 7
    1. Applejack
    2. Songbird Serenade
    3. Twilight Velvet
  8. Group 8
    1. The Smooze
    2. Mr. Shy
    3. Sunburst
  9. Group 9
    1. Celestia
    2. Ahuizotl
    3. Tank
  10. Group 10
    1. Goldie Delicious
    2. Angel Wings
    3. Winona
  11. Group 11
    1. King Sombra
    2. Stygian
    3. Trouble Shoes
  12. Group 12
    1. Rarity
    2. Vapor Trial
    3. Pony of Shadows
  13. Group 13
    1. Twilight Sparkle
    2. Starswirl the Bearded
    3. Shadowbolts (I had actually no third choice)
  14. Group 14
    1. Mistmane
    2. Sugar Belle
    3. Juniper Montage
  15. Group 15
    1. Grogar
    2. Lord Tirek
    3. Mage Meadowbrook
  16. Group 16
    1. Coloratura
    2. Granny Smith
    3. Cloud Chaser

Especially group 13 and 14 were difficult too choose. ^_^

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25 minutes ago, PathfinderCS said:


The fact that I, Professor Fossil, am still at zero votes is quite....preposterous!

I'm sure she'll get a vote. I believe there's a conspiracy to prevent me from adding people to the Hall of Shame list. :please:

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You know what, I hate to say it but I'm kinda feeling bored this round.  I know, let's mix things up and do things rapid fire!  Anddddddddddd... go, CATEGORY!!!

Um, singers!  Let's vote for singers!

Nice!  OK, who first?

Countess Coloratura!

Obviously, next.

Hmmmmmmmm, how about that Princess Skystar.  Doesn't hurt that she's quite the cutie, but sweet Celestia does she have some pipes or what?!

Nice, very nice.  OK, last slot!





Gosh dang it :unamused:... OK, I'll bite... why Granny Smith?

You said singers didn't you? :sunbutt:

Yeah? :wat:

Well there's your answer! :muffins:

I... OK, works for me.

Ya darn tootin' it does!

Gah!!!  Where'd you come from????

Wha'cha talkin' 'bout young'n?  I been listenin' in on ya'll this whole time!  How else was I supposed to keep mahself entertain'd while I was waitin' for mah round?

This is a realm crafted from the realms of dreams and chaos where you could literally do anything and you've just been listening to us this whole time?  None of us are even anywhere close to your group and aren't even related to you, why the hay have you been listening to us???

Yer questionin' me 'bout what I've been up to when all you've been doing is gabberin' this whole time?

I... huh... :sunny:

Great seeing ya Granny Smith, thanks for stopping by!

Always a pleasure Derpy, thanks fer the vote!  Glad to know SOMEPONY around here 'ppreciates mah musical talents. :proud:

Is it cider season yet? :fiery:

Do they even have cider season here?

They better... :unamused:

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On 1/23/2018 at 5:44 PM, ShootingStar159 said:

I’m both surprised and disappointed by the lack of exceptional Stygian fan art, a rarity for this fandom.



That said, it still looks like he’s more appreciated than he might think. C’mon, Stygian, you’re not that far behind, you can still win!

I know this is a week ago,  but I so so so agree, I really want to see more too... I want to see an awesome intense drawing of his "shadow fusion" in between form. You know, "the darkness will not be stopped!" Who would be a good one to draw that?

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It's come down to a final ditch effort for the third and final coveted spot in this part.

On a side note, I voted for Moondancer because of how well she was portrayed in her debut episode.


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Well this was easy to determine. Moon Dancer and Rara are on the team. Official results coming up!



Here you are. :D ... recording participation now

So Today and Tomorrow are bye days. Friday will be the first prize drawing, and the tournament resumes on Saturday. 


Check out Group 17 in the meantime. :muffins:


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I posted a topic here at the suggestion of @PathfinderCS, since now is the time for me to start thinking about gathering assistance on some of the bells and whistles of this tournament. Some of this you already know so ... excuse the repeated information. I am also working on the final touches of a really interesting mechanic for the World Cup, so I hope to announce that soon, but ... now is the time to start considering what team you might end up officially rallying behind. ;)




Earlier in the month we launched a nearly year long tournament, the second of its kind on MLPF -- the 2018 MLPF World Cup. You can read about it here. The first few legs of the tournament are focused on setting up teams for the actual world cup, choosing team captains, and setting up a humorous and creative narratives in RP and Fanfic formats to explain how all these characters would wind up in a contest like this. At some point in the summer, the set-up phases will be complete, and the World Cup will commence. This is where you, amazing reader with some talents, come in. 

This is a community run event. Some have contributed to the project as they see fit, such as @KH7672 and @Batbrony and their hilarious comic and RP commentary. Others like @Frostgage will be contributing their talents to create iconography such as Team Jerseys. However, there are some other creative elements that the World Cup could use to truly make it the event that it could be. When the World Cup event kicks off this Summer, I am hoping that we will have the following in place:


Banners for MLPF 

Several banners to showcase the tournament, and perhaps some of the more intriguing match ups. 

Match header images

Most matches will be 24 hours in duration, and to kick off the match, I would like the post to feature some imagery invoking the teams involved prior to the text.  


As I mentioned, Frostgage has the jerseys covered, but some people may like to wear sigs instead. 32 signatures focused on each team would be ideal. 

Flags for each team

Similar to the sigs and jerseys, each team will need a flag. I have attached some examples from last World Cup

An editable group bracket (see attached image on what was used four years ago) 

The last tournament had a PSD file made that allowed quick editing of teams as they progressed through the competition. I have also included the ones used last time to give you an idea. 

Video editing assistance

This is where I really have no idea what I am doing, and is the most time consuming element. The World Cup needs a kick-off video showcasing each of the teams, a few quotes, some shots from the show. Each team will have also have an anthem and it would be awesome to have something small that could be put together for them. There is also a closing ceremonies video that captures some member highlights from the tournament. Again I included some examples of what we had previously to give you some idea. 

Live hosting

The PC that I have that can do live hosting is used exclusively for my business, so tax and accounting depreciation rules and all prevent me from using it to stream. If you can host a stream on Equestria.TV for the prize giveaways, special event reveals, please let me know.  


As this started, I have hinted at a more narrative element to this tournament than last World Cup. I have laid a foundation of that story and as the tournament continues, that will start to come more frequently and the story will start to pull together. What I need to make this amazing are individuals who would like to jump in and whiff some RP based elements before, during, and after a match. :)

Other Stuff

Basically, this is the part where I admit that someone may have some great ideas on how to support this that I haven't considered. I'm open to suggestions on how to use your talents to make this more fun. Cause ... fun. 


To give you a general idea of what we are looking for, here are some examples of what the community did to help out last year. @Batbrony @Frostgage, @Stellafera, Flipturn, @Shift and others were instrumental four years ago. 



Example of the last World Cup Bracket Poster for the Top 32 







Example of Flags used last World Cup



hHfvySO.png rjqvMWk.png VXvzxWh.png uWkaDyu.png aLqZ8Yk.png WRbFp72.png 0mxHmA8.png 5IgMIS6.png aNoUPIX.png ijp89lI.png




Example of Jerseys from last year created by @Frostgage (He has this covered this year but I think its cool enough to post then to give you an idea on general design :P ). 







Example of MLPF Banner used to kick-off the last World Cup



WC banner.png




Example of Music and Video used for last World Cup






Again, the teams and their respective captains will not be set for some time, so this is still a bit early, but some concepts and ideas can be fleshed out early. Also, live streaming help could be something I can use right away. Anyway, if any of you can pitch in ... definitely drop me a PM. Any questions, post them here. Thanks for reading and thanks for considering to help out with making this a phenomenal event. 


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On 1/19/2018 at 6:17 PM, Jeric said:


Prize junk.

Anyway, as a small thank you once a week I'll be randomly drawing a name from those that have voted or posted in this topic for some modest Brony swag or gift cards. Nothing nuts. I ain't sending anyone to an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, and I didn't break into your home and hide a car under your chair, but hey it's something. 

Basically how this works is simple .... even though I apparently love overcomplicating things. This is effective with Group 8 so there are a bunch of you already on the list. 

Each poll you vote on, you get an entry. Each new 'game or new poll' you make a post in, you get an entry. If you did both that's two entries. I started counting during Group 8. I randomly pull a name once every week or two starting Feb 3, and will send you a PM. You tell me what you want from the list of stuff and it'll be on it's way that day (or next mail day if it's a physical thing and it's Sunday). Names are a running total so the list will keep growing as this goes on. 

Some of these items I have duplicates of indicated by an asterisk. Some I don't so the running list of the prizes will slowly deplete. I may reup the prize pool, but no guarantees on that. Some are not Brony related so you closet fans have something too. Anyway here's the list. 

Oh and yeah I'll ship internationally. Except Antarctica and that weird place In Alaska where laundry detergent is $80. And yes you can win more than once. You can also tell me to pass if you want to be generous and I'll redraw a new name. 


$20 Amazon gift card*

We Love Fine Chibi Lyra

We Love Fine Chibi Discord

We Love Fine Chibi Luna

We Love Fine Chibi Octavia

We Love Fine Chibi Celestia

We Love Fine Chibi Rainbow Dash

$20 MLPF Commission Monies

We Love Fine Flutterbat (Not the Chibi the regular one)

We Love Fine Nightmare Moon

Funko Dr. Whooves 

Funko Bon Bon

Funko Spike

Funko Derpy

Funko Lyra

MLP The Movie Blu-ray*

The Art of My Little Pony: The Movie

MLP IDW Omnibus Vol 1

MLP IDW Omnibus Vol 2

MLP IDW Omnibus Vol 3

MLP IDW Omnibus Vol 4

Today I will be doing the random drawing. Since I'm still mucking around with a live stream rig, I'll be sharing screen shots. 

I'll announce the winner here and in a status update, and send that person a PM for them to select what they want from the pool. If it's an Amazon gift card I only need an email address. If it is a physical item, I'll obviously need you to tell me where you want Derpy to send it in the PM (not here in this thread pls!). If the person tells me that they don't want nothin' I'll redraw upon getting the notice. I'll then update the list of prizes if needed. 

I'll probably do this later this evening (say 7-8 PM Eastern Standard Time).

There are something like 700 entries at last count, 1 for each match you voted in, and 1 for each match you posted in. Good Luck to all. 

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