Spoiler What would it be like if Capper and Garfield switched places?

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I thought this idea would be funny -- our cool kitty Capper ending up with Jon Arbuckle, and in his place with the ponies at Klugetown's slums the lazy little lasagna-eating tiger of American newspapers.

What do you think it would be like, and how would things be different, if Garfield and Capper switched places?

Also, would that sound like a good idea?



"Why me?"

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Poor, poor Capper. XD

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I'd like it, if only because I like Garfield and I really don't care about Capper. I think the Mane Six would be in a lot of trouble, because I don't see Garfield going out of his way to help them so they'd have to deal with the discount Mos Eisley freaks themselves. I'd also be interested in seeing his interactions with Rarity most of all, since Garfield is pretty much the opposite of generous, not to mention his manners would probably disgust her. It would probably be an interesting conversation.

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