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Hello, little fellas!

sprinkle nostrils

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Hello there, fellas!

You can call me Sprinkle Nose, or just Hey Dude if you wish. ^д^ Glad to introduce myself here ^-^

Actually I registered some time ago, but didn't make an introduction post till made some avatarz! Because artist without cool avatar is uncool, you know right?!

I like drawing, cheering peeps, making friends, also I'm trying to learn Spanish.

I came here to hang out with other pony artists, but Art section looks pretty abandoned... I hope I'm wrong though. ^-^

See ya on juicy fields of this site! Bye!

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Hey there! and welcome to MLP forums :squee:

Hopefully you'll feel right at home here and easily make lots of new friends (I know I did)

Feel free to ask if you need any help! and Ill try my best to help :please:

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Hello and welcome! ^_^ Glad to have you here, dude! :icwudt:

Well, I think you made a great call on that, I'm loving your avatar! It's really nice! Did you draw that? :ooh: 

I'm happy that you like making friends, but you're going to do that here! :grin: Good luck with learning Spanish, I'm still learning Spanish as well!

And don't worry, I would say our art section isn't lacking, we still have art submitted there pretty often! B) 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun! :squee: 

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buenos.. dias ^~^ i don't know almost nothing of spanish but if u wanna talk portuguese that would be easy for me xD althought i understand many things in spanish.

well welcome :squee: i try to draw too when i become good i will post my draws!

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