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Rainbow Dash
Mayor Mare

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Group 18 is open.


Inb4 RD Fan Club takes over. B)





Also, I have been busy all week with party prep and such, so I haven't done any sharing of the lesser characters on the show. 

Cinnamon Chai is not only an amazing tea, she actually is a pony with some significant dialog in Rarity Investigates. Black and white filter makes everything cooler. 




Also, ponytail Rarity. :D



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I don't have any clear favorites for this round (besides the obvious one :dash:) But I think this round's contestants require a special kind of friendly ribbing :derp:


Ah, so nice to be representing my hometown. Although you know something seems off about this round but I can’t put my hoof on it.


Hey Firefly good luck today! (hmm, is it me does she took familiar?)


You have got to be kidding me!

Oh no that voice…


How am I stuck here with you again?!

Hello, Quibble, I thought we worked out our differences.


Oh, we have and I certainly tolerate you and you opinion, however, working with you, especially on a team effort, I’m sorry I don’t think I could stand that ego.

My ego! What about yours?


What gives you the right to call me out?!


Look this really isn’t even about you, I entered this competition to work with someone new, experience new opinions, but this so called random assignment has placed me in the round with you!  I already know you, I already know how you are.  I am fine with the friendship we already have but I need to expand!


So, to show off your interests, is that why you’re still wearing that Daring Do stuff?

Yes that, and for some reason it’s the only thing the officials recognize in.


Now speaking of which I’m going to go have a chat with the one in CHAAAAAARRRRRR…….




Don’t panic, I’m coming!


I can’t help it! How close am I to the ground?!


You’re not even.


Don’t worry we’re not letting any of you fall. 

Twilight, on your right!




That’s it, that’s what’s off! Twilight, how is it for the representation of Cloudsdale, the city of clouds, Firefly and I are the only Pegasi?


How should I know, I’m not in charge around here?

:dry:Oh man Jeric, Rainbow Dash is eyeing that "randomly selected" Group 3 with a much stronger variety of winged creatures.

Good luck out there everyone else! B)

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1 hour ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

I voted for:

  1. Quibble Pants
  2. Mayor Mare
  3. Rainbow Dash


Also, @Jeric if you end up having another contest, please choose somepony else if my name is drawn. Thank You. :rarity:

Will do! I will have another drawing in about a week, maybe two. I'm trying to spread it out throughout the competition. That said, if you change your mind, send me a PM. :D


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7 minutes ago, Frostgage said:

Mayor Mare was something of a surprise to qualify for the previous World Cup - I had my doubts that she could compete for the second spot here but she's done well so far. Her role in The Perfect Pear surely has made a big difference.

It does seem rather odd she is running for office in cloudsdale though :)

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Rainbow Dash and Mayor Mare win. Looks like Babs may be a strong contender for the Wild Card. 

Day off ... and thank God because last night emotionally exhausted me. 0_o

Also ... @cmarston1 opted for a digital prize that has multiples so the prize list remains the same. :)


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UUUUUUGH, I am gonna hate this next group, but you know what? Screw it!

I am going all in for Radiant Hope and Princess Amore!!!! Two ponies instrumental in Sombra's development (comic's side, whatever that means individually).

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Since we had this free day, I decided to finish my little scenario for the Cloudsdale group. To be honest the ending revelation is what this all has been leading up to.:orly:



You think we could tie balloons to them or something so they don’t keep falling through?


Didn’t you know a spell that can just let them walk on clouds.


Sorry, I just use self-levitation so it’s not something I came across in my studies, Twilight?

Huh, oh right! There is one. I’m sorry it must have slipped my mind. I finally get a break from sending alternates back but now we have to deal with this and…


In coming! Big guy coming through!


I got him!


Don’t worry about Iron Will, as he is always prepared!


Just let Iron Will know if he qualifies as the third!


Well, that was anti-climactic,


Whoa, gotcha!

Nice speed, what’s your name?


I’m Starlight Glimmer.

Fleetfoot, pleasure to meet you.


Oh, you’re in my group…*ahem* well good luck. Say Twilight let’s get that spell done before anything else happens.

Yeah, although looking at those results looks like we’ll only have to worry about the Mayor, Babs, Quibble, and Pipsqueak.


Phew, that’s a relief!


Hey, that doesn’t mean we’re still not going to keep them safe!


And you wonder why he’s still a cadet.


Sorry, my mistake! Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you all after my round is up which is…


Um, you actually aren’t in this competition.

What?! But Vapor got in it, how could I not have been considered, I’m part of what helped her succeed! Are you kidding me?!


Grrrr @Jeric!

Did I find some filly favoritism in the qualifying contestants? :lie:

Eh, not like he was going to get far anyway. :adorkable:

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