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How would MLP be if Tim Burton wrote everything?


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So I was wondering,what if Tim Burton drew/wrote MLP:FiM. Somepony already drew the Tim Burton inspired ponies,but how would the series be affected? Would you still watch it? Would you still like it? Answer down below!

Rules: There are no rules,but keep profanity to a minimum.

From what I’ve experienced during Tim Burton movies,it would obviously be a dark,/musical/dark comedy series.

Twilight would be a mad scientist or sorcerer

Fluttershy would be something similar to emo goth

Pinkie Pie would probably be an insane character in this series

Rarity would still be a fashionista but probably more dark

Applejack would probably be some type of evil farmer,but isn’t evil?

Rainbow Dash....i don’t know...

Luna would permanently be Nightmare Moon,but with mood shifts or something

Celestia would be a tyrant or a dark princess/queen

you guys can correct me or come up with your own ideas!

heres the Tim Burton pony artwork btw



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17 hours ago, Denim&Venom said:

Danny Elfman would write the show tunes while Johnny Depp and Micheal Keaton voice the entire cast. 

Lol just imagine Johnny Depp playing the Mane 6

5 hours ago, Twilight Luna said:

Everything would be dark and gothic.


But would you ponies still like it? I’d say maybe for me,but how about you ponies?

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Can we seriously un-ban this guy?

We wouldnt have any of the mane characters as they are if the same ones at all, but that almost goes without saying. I think of Maud but with you know, "change the lens"  see how upbeat the apathetic truly are, (wouldnt actually classify her that way) but some characters have more depth than the emotion you see at the core, I think of "odd friendship/unwanted/distrusted friendship.(by others) It's about fusion, I would be in love with that... a more sensitive Pharnyx, perhaps....

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