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Wild Card - Appleoosa Semifinal - Gloriosa vs Night Glider


Appleoosa Wildcard Semifinal A  

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  1. 1. Who moves closer to Team Appleoosa to play with Capper and Minuette

    • Night Glider
    • Gloriosa Daisy

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And today we launch the Semifinal round for Appleoosa with two matches. Night Glider, the curiously colored pegasus that my oldest cosplayed as at BABSCON 2016 (no bias here) and Gloriosa Daisy. Gloriosa looks undermatched against the strong door kicking dark horse, but is that her final form?

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Going with Gloriosa; largely because she was EASILY the most interesting villain from the EqG series, and Night Glider didn't leave much of an impression outside of her door-busting movie in the S5 premier. :D

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