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What's your favorite type of music?

Yuu Xeno

What's your favorite type of music?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite type of music?

    • Classical
    • Rock
    • Pop
    • Rap
    • Country
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I have definitely have preferences, and those tend to be orchestral and metal in general. More specifically, I have a BIG love for power metal, but I also like some progressive metal, symphonic metal, and some doom metal as well. I'm test-driving some death and black metal, though I don't like anything TOO brutal or Satanic-related.

In regards to orchestral, I love anything related to classical music; including baroque, romantic, neo-classical, etc. I also have a love for film/tv/video game score music. <3

I also have a liking for punk/ska as well, and some rock here and there.

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I listen to Mostly anything from the 1950s to the early 1990s.Can't really seem to get into modern music T3T

  • Classic Rock.Hard Rock,Punk Rock,Progressive/Psychedelic Rock,Rockabilly,etc.
  • Metal. preferably Thrash Metal,Heavy Metal,Death Metal,Speed Metal,Power Metal and Early Black Metal.
  • 80s pop. like Michael Jackson and A-Ha
  • 2Tone Ska.
  • Instrumental.
  • Classical.
  • Early Rap

I basically just like anything that uses instruments.


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Actually, I did forget to mention another. While I am not sure of the specific term or genre, pretty much anything in the style of the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, etc) is also fulfilling to me. Heck; Sinatra is a regular thing I tend to play at work. :D

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As has been mentioned a few times: 

Related image

I like heavy metal. Preferably Thrash, Post Thrash/ Groove Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Death, Metalcore, & NWOBHM/ Speed Metal, with some Progressive and Symphonic metal thrown in. 

Outside of all that, I like Hard Rock, Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, Alt. Rock, some Hardcore EDM, some smooth jazz and ambient chill out music. 


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Rock is my favorite.

I listen to all types of Rock n' Roll, though I prefer the 90s (Grunge such as Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden.) to late 2000s. I like hard rock (P.O.D. is one of my favorite hard rock bands), though there is some metal that I listen to as long as it is clean (that goes for all my music, but metal I feel as if I have to be quite careful), such as some Disturbed, Megaherz, and a little bit of Sabaton. My favorite band is Switchfoot, and they have done everything from soft rock to hard rock. Lately I've been really into 'Emo' rock, which is mostly late 2000s, with bands such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Paramore, Evanescence, and Good Charlotte, among others (Linkin Park is considered a bit emo.). Thirty Seconds To Mars was another one that started as post-grunge, then moved to emo and then mainstream rock.

I listen to a lot of video game soundtracks, especially Fallout. While I am not a fan of these video games, I do love their scores and will listen to the whole things, as it feels like it helps me focus.

I don't listen to a ton of classical, but I sure do love Ludwig van Beethoven.

I kind of hate mainstream pop and really hate the mainstream rap of today. The only pop artist I listen to frequently is Sia, and the only rapper I listen to is NF, but I listen to him a lot (probably at least 30% of the time).

I also listen to a ton of MLP:FiM fan music, ranging from rock to alternative to dubstep (No EDM, sorry.). I used to hate dubstep until I realized how hard it can be to create a quality track.


I know the title says 'favorite', but all the music I have listed is my favorite! :D

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I could give my generic answer, but instead I'll answer with what I've been listening to most recently. An odd mix of Early Music, Late French Romanticism, Modern Indie British Folk, 70s Soul, and Modern Progressive Rock.

Lol sorry, I don't care if anyone clicks on the links, they're just here for my future reference as I like to see what I was listening to at specific times in the past!

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There many genres and sub-genres that I enjoy. Most notably Aggro-tech, most varieties of death metal like symphonic, Nu Metal, melodic dubstep, orchestral and piano, various forms of electronic music, and many others.

Some examples of these genres and some of my favorite groups within them are Psyclon Nine (Aggro-tech/Black Metal), Mors Principium Est (Melodic Death Metal), Static-X (Nu Metal), Sirenia (Symphonic Metal), Zeraphine (German Rock), Paradise Lost (Doom Metal), Vibrasphere (Electronic), The Zenith Passage (Technical Death Metal), Shattermask (Rapcore Nu Metal), Patrick Reza (Melodic Dubstep), among many others.

Country is the only genre that I nearly universally despise.

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